Friday, 3 October 2008

Cria pictures.

There still seems to be some discussion on the various blogs about the contents of the BAS letter and it now seems to have slipped across to discussing registry closure.
Good idea, close it. We can always open it again can't we (I mean they).
Anyway, moving on. I have just been out in the little paddock feeding the massed ranks of the mighty Patou. This time of year we are just giving them some Alfa A every day. The lactating mums need a bit of a boost and it gives me an excuse to get up close and personal with my favourite group of ladies. I took a few snaps of some of the cria whilst I was out there.

Patou Barney and Avon Water Moselle assuming the position.

Patou Amelie (daughter of Lily), who has the most gorgeous colouring and a lovely tight fleece.

I am a little worried about Lily actually. We are three weeks into a 5 week course of antibiotics. Big doses, 8mls every 4 days. That's a big syringe and as Nuflor is quite thick it's a great big needle. Poor old Lily. The whole point of blitzing her with antibiotics is to stem the growth of this wretched abscess and hopefully stop it completely. However, I'm not sure it is working. It seemed to be initially but yesterday the lump felt bigger. We shall have to see how it goes. There's no point checking it daily as you never notice any change. Once a week and you have a chance of noticing any growth or shrinkage. Abscesses, I hate them.

Patou Alacazam, a handsome fellow and another tight crimpy fleece.

Moselle looking rather lovely, has the crimpiest fleece of them all.

So there we have it, not much to say so some pictures.


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Hi Mark,

Re Lilly, and her abscess, I have recently had to treat one of my Alpacas, who had an abscess, I have used homeopathy alongside antibiotics, I don't know where your Lillys abscess is, but my one was under the jaw. If you are interested in using homeopathy please let me know, I have used it on several occasions, all with great results, on all of my animals, from dogs to horses, and of course my alpacas. I would be interested to see how you get on.
Regards...Jayne...Zanzibah Alpacas

Mark said...


I would be willing to try anything. Sue is a believer and has used homeopathy before. I am a sceptic but am open to everything.
What do you suggest?


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Hi Mark & Sue,

Try 'Silicea' its great for abscesses, alongside your antibiotics, check my blog there is a link to California Alpacas and homeopathy, I have had excellent results, especially with sarcoptic mange !!
Oh...thats the Dectomax injections as you know, then a course of Sulphur and Graphites.
You should find all you need on the link, please let me know how you get on, I am very interested, If I can help you I will, I have a few books on Homeopathy ! Although you are a sceptic, thankfully Sue isn't, so go on give it a try, you might be impressed !! by the results.
Keep me updated, Best Wishes..Jayne

Lucy said...

Mark, our girl Astra had "Neopen" antibiotic if that helps. It has cleared her up amazingly (remember, though, she did have her tooth out and the whole lot flushed).