Sunday, 6 September 2009

Inca for the day and a photographer in the making

Yesterday was the first day of The Dorset County Show, a show we had never been to before. This year we hadn't planned to go either but a phone call changed all that.
The Lord Lieutenant of Inca rang earlier in the week to say that Inca had a great pitch at the show but with an imminent birth (of the human kind) due at Inca HQ they would not be able to attend, could we help. A quick check of our incredibly full social calendar revealed that we were free on Saturday, we would do it!

Saturday morning arrived and we paraded in the kitchen, every shred of Patou would be removed from our beings as we became Inca warriors for the day. No Patou shirts, hats or coats, nothing that could reveal who we really were. Inspection over, we were off.
A briefing from his Timness at 0800hrs (or thereabouts......Tim was on 'Timtime') and we manned the stand. We had badges! We were ready to shout about the greatness of Inca to anyone who would listen.
Angus was the one slight rebel in the camp. Not happy about being unable to wear his Patou shirt to the show he point blank refused to wear the Inca cap presented to him by Timbo. He is loyal to the cause that lad.
Anyway a great day was had and we were surrounded for most of the day.

Sue refused to be photographed and took one of me as I manned the perimeter fence ready to pounce on a passers by. Most people stopped, well they do don't they, alpacas act like human magnets.
The two little black cria were the undoubted stars of the show and they behaved immpeccably.
Angus (for those not in the know, Angus is our 6 year old son) took control of the camera and spotted a nearby Land Rover stand. He was off periodically during the day clicking away like mad. Actually when I got home I found there were 55 pictures of Land Rovers on the camera (he is a little obsessed by them!). I have posted a few below.

The Land Rover stand as small boy approached. Camera fixed to eye.

His favourite of the day, a nice red TD5.

There were interior shots too as he clambered all over them.
A Defender was pictured, good but not as good as Discoverys.

A nice example of a silver Discovery, series 3.

Another shot of the favoured red Discovery, facelifted series 2.

Hs attention to detail is incredible as he photographed bits and bobs.

and badges...............the only badge worth having of course!

Before finally returning to the Inca stand where he took a photgraph of the Patou wagon, tucked round the side....oops!
Anyway a great day out and we did our best.


Lucy of Coire Alpacas said...

Yawwwwwn....zzzzz.... sorry but you lost me after the bit about the alpacas!!! Only joking Angus - I am sure it was fascinating!

Amiryck said...

Are you getting sponsorship for this?