Wednesday, 28 October 2009

A fitting end.

Well folks the human contingent of the mighty Patou herd has returned to the motherland having had a thoroughly splendid, if too short, trip to Australia. 18 days have flown by and when we get over the 'what the hells going on, jet lag' we will look back on a terrific holiday.

We started in Sydney for two nights, (where we could have stayed a week, at least) before heading off down the beautiful south east coast towards Melbourne. Three nights in Jervis Bay (where we could have stayed a week, at least) and then on to Eden for three nights and two fantastic days of whale watching, (again where we could have stayed a week, at least). We then had a brief one night stopover at Lakes Entrance (where all the worlds mosquitos were on holiday, in the woods, where our cottage was situated!) before a couple of nights in Melbourne.
Melbourne is a nice city but we had itchy feet there as we looked forward to flying across the Bass Straights to Hey Headquarters on Tasmania. We only had a three night stay with Bob and Diane (we could have stayed a week, at least) but it was lovely. We were treated like royalty and the home cooked roast chicken dinner on arrival was the meal of the trip, just what was required. Thank you Diane! It was good to catch up with Ben too and great to to be shown round the estate, especially the late night possum hunting! (no guns involved folks just watching).
As this is essentially an alpaca blog I ought to mention the alpacas and what alpacas they were! We were particularly impressed with three young boys two of whom had recently won championship ribbons. A young brown boy named Cory (officially I think there is a Q in his name) and a grey male called Storm looked fantastic. Fleeced (2nd) between 15 and 17 microns and with tremendous coverage they really looked the part and if I could have stuff-packed them into my bag I would have done. Bob and Diane have been breeding alpacas for a long time and know a thing or two about them so I wouldn't have expected anything less!
Above, Cory (or Quorry?), Storm and Inti at home at Van Diemen Alpacas.

Ben, Cory, Diane, Storm and Bob and a shed!

And to prove that we were there Angus and I miraculoulsy rise from the long grass. Sue was on camera duties!
We were also taken to a superb Wildlife park where the requisite photographs of the local wildlife could be canned. Here, after wrestling it to the floor, Angus poses with a Kangaroo.
It was sad to leave Australia and sad for the holiday to come to an end but also nice to get home and see our own little wildlife park. The kittens have seemingly grown into cats, the mad labs are still mad and the alpacas look in fine fettle. The chickens however, seem to have gone completely doollally and have started 'oven-readying' themselves. Further investigations will take place this morning!


Amiryck said...

Glad to hear you had such a good time. It sounds like next time you will need a month or two.

I knew we would get the alpaca photos eventually!

Tracey Hey said...

Glad to see you got one of the 27 sheds in your photo!


Lucy of Coire Alpacas said...

Great pics! Great to hear how you got on on your adventure down under. Those look like lovely pacas. Our chickens have been moulting too - a couple were totally oven ready a few days ago but feathering up now. Roll on egg time again......

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Nice to see that the Patou Warriors have returned !!.. glorious with tales to tell !!...I bet you could do with a week for all those stories...!!!!!....lovely pictures and good to have you back !! Blighty ...Jayne

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Great to hear about your trip and the good times you had - you did it so that we don't have to. Dave.