Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Tick follows tock..... follows tick follows tock....... the waiting continues.

Bobby is still wandering around in a daze. Today she is 333 days pregnant so, for her, she is breaking longevity records.
Sue has been on 'Bobbywatch' for the past four days as the day job has taken me away. However, I now have 6 days off and will be trying not to watch.
Actually those 6 days are going to be pretty busy. On Sunday we are celebrating our 20th Wedding Anniversary and have invited 90 people for you do. Today we are putting the marquee up (it is bound to rain) collecting garden furniture from all and sundry and generally tidying up the garden. Mmm, that's it then, the cria will be born on Sunday, at lunch time, guaranteed! Actually that would be awesome!

I have been meaning to tell you about a temporary visitor to the herd. Tisbury Dilly arrived with us a couple of weeks ago, she belongs to Liz a good friend who lives 2 miles up the road. Liz has a small herd and has the odd female to sell to cover costs and keep the herd small. Liz has some of the friendliest alpacas and Dilly is no exception. She always runs over when we go into the field and stands right in front of you waiting for attention. Whilst she does this her mouth is moving frantically as if she is trying to speak, she is a lovely girl, and it is nice to have daily cuddles forced upon us!

Dilly above, (yes I know she is completely the wrong colour), actually this is a rare shot as she is normally on the move towards us or as below when Sue was trying to take a picture of Bobby, ever so slightly in the way!

Anyway no more news at the moment, cria are starting to arrive on other blogs and pretty soon we'll all be posting about new arrivals, lets hope they are all healthy!


Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...

It's tough this waiting game... Day 347 for us!

Love the photo of Dilly making those coloured girls take a back seat...She looks a real sweetie.

Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

Day 339 for us and no signs of bagging up yet.

Enjoy the party at the weekend.

Amiryck said...

340 days here and waiting...

Have a great weekend!

Zanzibah Alpacas said...'ve gone and done it...Don't you that Dilly is here...Bobby will Dally !!!....(I couldn't resist this...sorry !) friend...patience.....Jayne

gary said...

Longest wait we've had is 366 days, so patience, patience

Lucy @ Coire Alpacas, Scotland said...

Bella went way over the year last year so don't worry! Dilly looks lovely - what a character. Love how she has barged into the shot!

Leo said...

We had a Chilian female who was pregnant (several times) for 13!!! months and a few days.
Amazing; never had such an animal later on... She died 2 years ago few weeks after given birth.
First time I thought that the person we bought her from (from Belgium) had gives us to wrong mating date...
Many greetings, Leo

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Congratulations Mark and Sue, hope today goes well for you. Dave