Sunday, 6 February 2011

Bumble bees in jam jars.

No pictures today as for the last couple of days I have been leaving for work in the dark and returning in the dark, guaranteed to make Mark a very grrrrrrrrrrumpy boy. Grrrr. I could have taken some pictures of something inside the house, perhaps a picture of some plates or a sofa or even some artfully arranged logs? How about some socks carelessly cast aside on the stairs? (What the hell am I talking about???)

Anyway, no pictures unless you want to see more of Qjori? I have loads? Yes? No? Maybe? Why not? Are you saying he's not the most handsome alpaca in the world? Not the right colour? How dare you? What's up with you?

How about a head shot? Ok one head shot and no more. He's mine and he needs rationing to you lot.

I think I may have had one too many cups of coffee today.

So, what news here in Patouland. Well, we have been busy. Things have been occurring here. Weaning to begin with. All ten mothers have now left the main field for a top secret location where they can graze peacefully without a large fluffy bonce hitting them in their underneath dangly bits every couple of hours. The babies are left with all the pregnant maidens and the boys and they don't seem to be missing their mothers at all. In fact it seems to have given Roger Resilient and Rafiki more time for 'stud muffin' action.

They are both practising their orgling big time. It is like being at some sort of weird rodeo as Roger and Rafiki ride various other cria around the field. Male or female it doesn't seem to matter. Backwards and forwards they trot with various weaners acting like wheel barrows. I love it because it produces my favourite noise in the whole wide world. The weanling orgle. Like a very large bumble bee buzzing angrily in a jam jar. I just love it! When they are both at it, which is quite frequent, the noise is fantastic. I will capture it and it will become my ring tone, which is currently Columbus at full throttle!

Actually this week the mighty Patou has increased in numbers. A very kind offer which we simply couldn't refuse came our way and a small herd has amalgamated with the mighty Patou. When I have time I will post pictures of the new arrivals. It includes two Columbus cria who look fantastic, which is very exciting for us. We still can't quite believe the kindness and trust involved in the offer. We are humbled and very proud to have been chosen. I'm not going to mention names, I just don't think it is appropriate at the moment. Suffice it to say that we have plans for the newcomers, some will stay, some will go but all will be loved. It also means that we now have twelve cria due this summer which in turn means that we are going to be growing pretty quickly over the next few years.

We will have to change our herd motto from 'You don't have to be big to be mighty' to 'We're big and mighty, so watch out!' or maybe 'Come on then it's go time punk!' Mmm........perhaps not.

Right, there's a chicken in the oven that smells rather good, Sue and Angus are due home soon so I must clear up a mess somewhere that I will have undoubtedly left and not noticed. Ooh and I sense a glass of wine coming on.


Nina said...

Up up and away mighty patou, congrats!

(the verification doesn't work properly, pic not showing until posting without verification, second chanse shows pic)

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

I like the You don't have to be big to be Mighty....!! Hows about.....You don't have to be be Mighty...but it helps !! keep growing....Hehe !! Hope u enjoyed your wine and well isn't it a little cold for those bumble bees to be out oorgling !!.....Jayne