Monday, 27 February 2012

It has begun

This weekend we finally got our halter training underway. Not only that but we moved all the youngsters into our 'weaning paddock'. It's the first time they have all been together for a while and it was lovely to see them reacquainting themselves. We have left three adult females in with them on 'Matron duty' to make sure all is well. The pictures aren't fabulous but look at the beautiful sea of colour! What a veritable spectacular vision of brown!

From left to right for your information is: Sahara, Dilly (White, Matron No1), Sebulba, Skye, Saracen, Scout, Sandstorm, Spirit, Sirrocco, Sherwood, Sabrina (black), Sultana, I mean Sultan and Reeya (Matron No2).

I have no other pictures to post. I did take the camera with me but as we set off with the first four weaners on their first tour of the field (more of a drag actually) things didn't quite go to plan.
Sue led the way with Skye and Sabrina who were both doing remarkably well, they are both calm alpacas. Angus was next in line with Woody (Sherwood) who is the chosen one for Angus's foray into the world of Junior handler later in the year. Both Angus and Woody were great, a couple of minor 'throw downs' but generally Woody got the hang of it quickly. 
I was bringing up the rear which was where I intended to take the photographs from. But, I had chosen (they made me do it) to halter train Sirrocco and Sirrocco had other ideas.
For Sirrocco is the latest in the line of the 'hair trigger spit monster family'. Her mother, grandmother, great grandmother and Aunt are all complete and utter monsters. It is always a wrestling match when dealing with any of them with spit and feet flying with a great deal of recklessness. Sirrocco, bless her for she does not know what she does, is no different. Despite my gentle words of encouragement, all manner of soothing noises and very sympathetic haltering manner Sirrocco glared at me with murderous intent as she spat and flung herself round the field. She is such a sweet looking girl as you can see below. She is the one staring directly at the camera, still muttering all sorts of alpaca swear words and wishing ancient debilitating pox ridden curses upon me.

We will be trying again today when Angus gets home from school and I hope we will see some progress!

Right down to business. This morning, in my capacity as organising committee member for the Alpaca 2012 Show, I have been sending out e-mails.
The Alpaca 2012 Show (14th/15th April, The Hand Equestrian Centre, Clevedon) is set to be a fantastic  event. Coming two days after the World Alpaca Conference it has the potential to have the biggest audience of overseas visitors ever amassed in this country. Organised by the South West Alpaca Group ( we are hoping for a big turn out from breeders in the South West and the rest of the UK. 

Anyway, my job on the committee is to organise the advertising in the show catalogue. A job, I think you will agree, that requires precision, technique, experience, dedication and a whole lot of other skills, all of which I possess in massive and complete abundance. Or not, maybe.

It is going to be an A4 sized Full Colour Glossy Catalogue and the rates are thus: Quarter page - £35, Half page - £60 and Full Page - £100. How's about that for a bargain. 

If you haven't received an e-mail from me and you are interested please e-mail me or ring me on 07880542260 and I will furnish you with the details.

Don't be shy now, I am aiming for a finished catalogue at least an inch thick!

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Llama Karma said...

I haven't had an e.mail so will send you a message in due course, I have however already entered the show team.