Thursday, 2 May 2013

Patou Resilient.

Last weekend Sue shed a tear and I almost did, it was a close run thing I tell you, in the end I had to properly pull myself together. Gird my loins so to speak.
The reason behind our sadness was because we bade farewell to Patou Resilient, or Roger as he is affectionately known around here. Roger has been purchased by Liam Doran, a very personable and shrewd young alpaca breeder in County Mayo, Ireland and last weekend he came over to take Roger back with him to Barley Hill.
Roger will be three years old this June and has been a regular member of the Patou show team for the last two years and he has consistently done well against the best brown males in the country. Sadly due to logistics he only got to cover one of our females last year, Alice. We await the results with great excitement.
Liam stayed overnight here and we shared a hot chilli, a couple of drinks and a lot of alpaca chat. Liam is relatively new to alpacas but we are confident that Roger will be very well looked after on the green pastures of Barley hill.
If you are reading this in Ireland and need a good brown male with exemplary coloured genetics (Lillyfield Jack of Spades of Inca and ATA Cambridge Centurion) to service your females look Liam up I am sure he will sort you out!
Liam and Roger just prior to departure.
Right that is it, complete blog silence now until I have a cria birth to announce.

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Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Do I detect a moment of weakness !! Roger looks stunning and Im sure he will do just dandy in Ireland ... those Patou genes are spreading steadily...Congratulations, looking forward to seeing the new cria, as I have to wait a few more months .... Jayne