Thursday, 13 June 2013

The Patou Boys revealed.

Shearing over it is time to marvel at the alpacas as their transformation is complete. This is my favourite time of the year, just after shearing. The alpacas have gone from being huge powerful looking fluffballs to lithe, graceful, beautiful almost vulnerable looking creatures. I love it, they look amazing. Sadly so far I have only managed to take some pictures of the boys who have all gone off to land away from the females, an attempt to stop the big boys squabbling.
Columbus, the Clumpmeister, who is usually on his own is now in with the weanling boys and they seem to be getting on very well.

 Left to right - Tsar, Clump, Todd, Talisker and Thor (God of Thunder)

 Little Tsar with his new hero, The Clump.
 It was quite an emotional moment seeing Tsar without his fleece. It had started to fall out in clumps about an inch from the skin, which is when he was very ill I suppose. The fibre had an obvious weak spot and he looked a complete mess but now we can see what a beautiful colour he is and hopefully he will go on to grow into a handsome young male alpaca. I want him to live in the house really but that, of course, would be silly.

 The most eagerly awaited unveiling was little Todd, who had been shown as a rose grey and appeared brown from the outside. We knew what was inside and just couldn't wait to see his true colour revealed. We were not disappointed. Check him out, just how good looking is he!!

 Todd and Talisker who seem to be permanently neck wrestling!

  And of course the big boys, Rafiki, Woody and HRH Qjori who is looking very stern!

Right, tomorrow I have a day off so if the weather is good, the ladies will be photographed.


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

The boys are looking very handsome. I do like Todd very much hes a beautiful colour. Its lovely to see little Tsar doing well. Jayne

Bev said...

An excellent line up of handsome boys. The grey is stunning.

Rosemary said...

Loving Todd!