Thursday, 25 July 2013

Just as requested!

I do apologise for not updating the blog sooner. I have no excuse in particular, the heat has perhaps affected me after all. 
I haven't had a huge amount to report, until today that is. Cria number 16 arrived less than an hour ago. Pictured below is another brown Qjori female. She arrived after 339 days gestating and weighed in at a healthy 9.75kg. She was up on her feet and looking for milk within 15 minutes and is absolutely gorgeous! And when I say gorgeous, I really mean gorgeous, she is absolutely beautiful! 

Her mother is Tisbury Patou Polly who is a fawn ATA Cambridge Centurion girl out of a brown mother. Polly was going to go on the for sale list this year, but...... this is the third brown female that she has produced in the last three years. How can we sell her when she is knocking out exactly what we are asking her for? So I have just this minute made a decision, she is not for sale. Actually joking apart the Centurion/ Qjori crosses are looking rather good, last year we had Tabitha, Tsar and Thor, all very nice and from that combination.

 The new arrival is examined by Una and Polly.

This morning we had a visit from Dave and Joy at Apple Vale Alpacas. They had three girls in need of some attention from Qjori and Columbus. One of the lovely ladies, Bramley, brought her 2 week old Qjori cria with her, Elstar. She is every bit as beautiful as Dave professes on his blog, a cracking result and hopefully another one of those is now on the production line. The only down side of Dave and Joy coming is that they arrived with their brand new trailer which was big,silver and shiny this instantly made me very envious! A suitable carriage for some lovely ladies!

Right 16 down, only 5 to go!


Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...

Congratulations...all that early complaining about boys seems to have done the trick!

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Congratulations on your perfect new arrival...she looks wonderful, its lovely to see them here safe and sound .... Jayne

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Glad that Polly waited until we had left, or you'd have been running around like a headless chicken! Look forward to seeing her soon.

Bev said...

Ahhh, lovely little girl, congratulations.