Friday, 23 August 2013

All aboard!

Yesterday I welcomed a return trip from Dave Bearman from Apple Vale Alpacas who had come to spit some girls off.
We don't allow anyone else's alpacas onto our land so matings have to be done outside the fields on the lovely wide grass verges in Ridge. This means that the visiting girls don't come into contact with either our herd or anywhere where they are grazing. This minimises the risk as much as we can. So yesterday I set up the pens on some fresh grass a short distance from the girls field.
Qjori was rejected, which is great news for Dave but bad news for Qjori.
However a large group of onlookers had arrived in the girls field and were gathered looking over the wall at the goings on. Most of the females that we are mating this year are already spitting off nicely but I knew there were two in the field who were ready to go and they were in the group of onlookers. Not wishing to waste an opportunity Qjori and I went into the field and the two chosen ones fell to their knees at the very sight of him. There were also a few that won't be mated this year hitting the deck and an assortment of this years cria in the mix. As such it was all a bit crowded for Qjori!

Being a 'professional'  he just got on with the days business! A lovely sea of brown!

One of the girls waiting patiently was Reeya who is the mother of Whisky Mac. He is one of the little boys that we are keeping a close eye on. He's not brown, not even I can convince myself of that but he is a nice fawn and has a lovely look about him.

Despite my clumsy efforts with one hand I couldn't get a decent fleece shot of him so had to resort to a hands off picture but he certainly looks interesting from the outside!


Rosemary said...

Lovely looking boy - and I like fawn!

Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...

Whiskey Mac looks to have a great might just have to like fawn me thinks!

Great photo of the brown love-in!