Saturday, 12 April 2014

News update.

We finally got round to moving all the weanlings to new pasture in the next village, well away from their mums. The grass is growing like the clappers and despite a bit of humming to begin with from some, all seems well. Now halter training can crack on with youngsters who are a little less confident and balshy now that their mums aren't around. Well that's the plan anyway. We have found that since weaning most of the cria have rocketed in size, the Spring grass couldn't have come at a better time!

Here is a prime example, Patou Ulani, huge, strong and despite outward appearances she is very black. She is being stalked in this picture by Wesley who arrived moments later with his 'bumble-bee in a jar' orgle. He left pretty quickly having been kicked and spat at in an instant. Poor boy didn't know what hit him. Ulani is daughter of Bobby, the original 'hair-trigger spit monster'. Some of those little boys need to give her a wide berth. I have to halter train her next week, I am a little bit frightened.

Ulani is not the only big black bruiser though, here is Umbria, daughter of Patou Penny. Penny, if human, would have been a world champion at cage fighting, failing that a vicious thug with a merciless mean streak. I have had Umbria on the halter once. It was a case of 'light fuse and hang on!'

Una Paloma Blanca is thriving. She is, as you may remember, the only cria to have been in our bed on our electric blanket, just over a year ago. She is now a bundle of fluff, that fleece needs to come off!

Soon I will be unleashing our grey boys on the world. One of them, Wasimba, refused to stop grazing at speed for a picture to be taken but Vickery is always willing to pose. He was a very friendly clucking, humming, nuzzler, but since all the girls have arrived he is now an orgle monster and is not interested in us at all. Looking at this picture has reminded me that I need to cut 'balaclava holes' in his head.

A final individual update for no better reason other than he stood still in the late evening sunshine last night, Whisky Mac. Yes, I know, he is fawn, even though he does look like some 'browns' that we have met in the ring! Mac had the 'balaclava' treatment months ago due to his fleece growth, he is the scruffiest thing now and I can't wait to get his fleece off and see what happens next. 

And so endeth the news from Patouland. It is very busy here at the moment, but hey ho, it's my job and I am loving it!


Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...

Looking forward to getting a close up look at Vickery...a handsome looking boy. We have had a change of show team for the next one too! Good to get an opinion on them and adds to the fun!

Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...
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Andrew said...

They are looking great. You must be trained in controling anti social behaviours, one spit and slap her in a cell for a bit and make Her poo in a stainless steel bog.

Rosemary said...

What lovely grass you have - and what a special green colour it is - you even have sun and no mud! Patouland is obviously a special place. Sorry Mark lack of sleep and I am losing the plot.

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Fabulous pictures Mark - how do you get their ears to stand to attention?

A Country Chicken said...

Just gorgeous alpacas! I love the description of some of your 'spitters' :) Lisa