Sunday, 15 March 2009

Now back to the drivel

Sorry about the last post people but I was a bit annoyed. You could probably tell.
I have seen the list of BAS members who have now been elected on to the board and was disappointed to see that most of the people that I voted for didn't get on. Oh well, ho hum. What do I know.

Anyway enough of all that serious stuff, I don't think it suits me, back to the drivel which is where I see my real calling. If it's drivel you want I am your man. Harmless, fluffy, inane, drivel.

To the fluffy first as I inflict more pictures of the latest Patou member on you.

Now for the drivel. Little Penny has put on a kilo in her first week and is getting more and more gorgeous by the day. She is also the toughest alpaca in the herd, no question. The rest of the herd are terrified of her, absolutely terrified. It's not that Penny is hard it's just that her mum, Bobby, is. Penny is like a sweet little angel with a murderous beast as a minder. I am sure that someone in the herd called her sir yesterday only to fall over themselves in eagerness to correct themselves before Bobby trotted over and gave them a shoeing.

If anyone so much as looks at Penny in the wrong way there is the thundering (yes folks we are drying out quickly here) of alpaca feet followed by a the sound of a mouthful of green being propelled in the direction of the miscreant. I'm sure I can hear Bobby swearing under her breath from time to time. The herd is aware that Penny is to be treated like a princess or blood will be spilt and will form an ugly stream as it mixes with the gallons of spit that Bobby has at her disposal. It could get ugly out there.

To look at the following photo you wouldn't think it though, aaaah!

Isn't life grand?


Lucy said...

She's so gorgeous. Her mum is just being a brilliant mum - they look very happy together!

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

What a beautiful picture and sounds like she is well protected !!......I don't relish the person/alpaca who dares to stand between Bobby and Baby !!...

It must be nice to hear thundering of feet !!!.....we here are still sloshing about, but I believe that spring is just round the corner !! hope Lily is still recovering and look forward to seeing her out and about in the better weather....Jayne

Henny14 said...

What a lovely head! She is so cute.