Sunday, 22 March 2009

A sunny Sunday in Patouland.

Another gloriously sunny day down here in Patouland. Sadly, Sue has had to toddle off to work even though it's Mothers Day, leaving us boys to while away the day doing lots of stuff but achieving very little other than having a good time. We did manage to present her with hot chocolate, flowers and an Angus made card in bed followed by eggs and bacon before departure. Ithink she was pleased.
Angus's best friend has just arrived leaving me a little bit of computer time before lunch.

First up this morning though I was out with the camera, a small boy was an ideal start. Once clicked he took off running round the garden. Quickly switching to the 'action' setting and the big zoom lens I captured him again. There is no escape from the mighty Canon.
The sunbathing herd saw me and as I am associated with either food or needles they took the risk and made their way up to the feeding paddock. Bobby and Little Penny lead the way as usual.
Penny is coming on nicely and has put on 3.5kg in the first two weeks. I'm sure it has something to do with the new grass and the fabulous weather we have been having. A great start for her.

She really is a very dainty little girl with such a pretty face and a very tight crimpy fleece.

The rest of the day has gone in a very pleasant fashion. My parents came over for a nice lunch in the garden and Sue made it home to join us. Angus has been charging around the farm on his bike with his chum all day. They have both sustained injuries during the day but have been patched up and returned to the field. Our little man will be a tired monkey this evening.
I have become aware that the last couple of posts have been a little downbeat with alpaca worries at the forefront of my mind. However, I am now full of the joys of spring, all alpacas appear in robust good health and we are now in the preliminary planning phase for the SWAG show in two weeks time. The team has been streamlined to three with Patou Barney taking a break. It's tough being a junior fawn male. The brown girls though are up for the battle and Alacazam our little black boy is ready to give it another go. Lets get ready to rumble!


Lucy said...

Nice pics - the Mighty Canon is in good hands. Sounds like a great day. Hope Lily and the other crook girl are fine. I'm sure Lily will put on condition now the new grass is coming up.

Paul said...

Good luck with the next show Mark - be mighty.