Tuesday, 10 November 2009

I can contain myself no longer!

Regular readers of this tripe will know that Sue, Angus and myself have recently returned from a 'Once in a lifetime' holiday to Australia. We had a fantastic time, which I may have already mentioned in earlier posts.
The holiday was very much that, a holiday. We saw the bright lights and sights of Sydney and Melbourne, rented houses on the beach, watched humpback whales frollicking in the southern ocean at very close range and generally did a lot of holiday things. We have hundreds of photographs and many, many great memories. It lived up to it's billing, it was a holiday of a lifetime.
Part of the brief was that we wouldn't be visiting any alpaca farms. We just didn't have time, we weren't there for long enough. It was important that it was a holiday and that I didn't hi-jack it and make it an alpaca trip. I was happy not to, we spent some real quality time together. That was important.

However, we did stay at one alpaca farm.

We were lucky enough to be invited to stay at Van Diemen Alpacas in Tasmania with our friends Bob, Diane and Ben Hey, close relatives of the Earl of Inca.

Whilst we were there we just happened to have been shown their lovely herd of alpacas, well we couldn't NOT look at them could we? Immediately our attention was drawn to a super looking young brown male. He further interested us when we opened up his fleece. When we realised that it was possible to buy this young male we just couldn't help ourselves. In our eyes, and under close scrutiny he is an absolute stunner. Not only that but he came in our favourite alpaca colour.

Let me introduce you to Van Diemen Qjori (soon to be 'of Patou').
Here he is wearing the ribbons that he has won this year in Tasmania. Quite a collection I think you will agree.

He has now left Tasmania in the capable hands of Ben and is on his way to EP Cambridge to enter into quarantine with other alpacas destined for the UK.

All being well Qjori (pronounced Cory and meaning 'Gold') will travel on to New Zealand and then eventually in the middle of next year will arrive here at Patou headquarters. I can't wait.
There, the news is out, I'm exhausted and am off to have a large glass of something fruity.


Debbie said...

He looks tunning, well done you! I thought you would do well not to come back with someone.

Debbie said...

That should have said stunning!!!

My hands couldn't keep up with my brain.

Debbie said...

Nice one Patou-man. Where's the fleece shot then?

Paul Rippon
Barnacre Alpacas

Mark said...

Barnman, no sounds wrong, too Pubby, how about Acreman? No that's wrong, sounds too painful. Barnacreman? no too long....it will have to be Paul!

Sadly I don't have a fleece shot, other than the one in my head but there will hopefully be one soon!

Believe me, it's good!

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Congratulations...to you on your purchase....Im surprised you couldn't fit him in the suitcase...WOW ..he looks a real stunner. You must be exhausted keeping that secret !!....you did well...now the news is out its time to Celebrate !!...YipEEEE !!...Jayne

Amiryck said...

Great news... I am surprised you have entrusted Ben to deliver that precious parcel - LOL (only joking Ben!).

I look forward to meeting him!

Lucy of Coire Alpacas said...

Loooooovely - can I have one too? Best of luck with him. He'll be great for you.

Knapper Alpakka said...

He looks great. Beautiful colour :-)

Good for you!

Perry Wheeler said...

Well done. He should hopefully arrive with you for mating season as well.

Sarah and Perry