Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Introductions. Part 2.

Ok, so I am back from another day at the, er.... thing that I do when I'm not here and now that the chores are done I have half an hour or so to continue with the next thrilling instalment of the introduction to the Mighty Patou Herd. I do hope you are all sitting comfortably with pens and notepads at the ready.

We move on to one of our 'Foundation Herd' members (Oooh doesn't it sound grand!), Bannock.

Bannock is, in words of three syllabylls, a Superstar. She is not, however, a 'looker'.

Bannock's strength and attraction lies in her ability to produce very nice cria and be completely unbothered (is that a word?) by most things.

She arrived here in the Magic Mighty Kingdom of Patou in February 2006, having been purchased from a man who has made himself 'Top Banana' in the world of black alpacas, um, Tom Bly, no, oooohh it's on the tip of my tongue Bob, Tim, ooh wait it's coming....Tim Hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (sorry mate, got carried away with myself)

Anyway, Bannock was pregnant to the legendary Shaft's Dream when she arrived and later that year she produced.... imagine now, if you will, an extremely loud and impressive fanfare....... the majestic Lily! My favourite alpaca in the whole wide world!

Lily was, is and forever shall be, gorgeous, beautiful, fabulous, marvellous and my favourite. I can't quantify why in a few words but a later edition of the blog with Lily as it's 'headline act' may explain why.

The following year saw the birth of a sister for Lily, a Centurion girl, Lola (pictured above).
Lola was as calm as her mother and sister and very inquisitive. She was a nose nuzzler. She was and probably still is, lovely.

Unfortunately in this wonderful world of alpacas sometimes you have to sell an alpaca that you don't really want to sell to make sure that the herd will continue to develop. This was the case with Lola. She was a favourite, she is lovely but the business needed some income and no matter how hard we looked and debated, Lola was the one who had to go. It still upsets me now if I allow myself to think about it but I know deep down that the sale of Lola was for the greater good of the Mighty Patou. She is missed here but we know she has gone to a good home. hopefully we will see her again one day.
In 2008 Bannock produced a male cria who was so sparkly that we named him Alacazam. He is a real character and he was sold last year as a pet with two of his chums (Barney being one, remember? From the last blog entry?). He now resides in Hampshire and lives a life of luxury. No seriously, they are treated like royalty, it's fantastic.
Bannock is now pregnant to Jack of Spades and in about six weeks she will undoubtedly give birth to a beautiful black female cria, she will, it is written in the clouds.
In the next exciting installment we will enter the world of Priscilla, mother of our resident spit fountain. I know, I can hardly wait too!


Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Mark, you say it's all breeding, but I've sussed your deception - in photograph 1, I can see that you've planted a fawn alpaca in the field simply to grow another one and save the mating fee!

Mark said...

Damn you Dave, the secret's now out!

Lucy @ Coire Alpacas, Scotland said...

I was laughing at that too!