Thursday, 4 March 2010

A sneeze is not a sneeze unless accompanied by....

Right, I think I have finally got the Futurity out of my system. It just remains for me to say that I met so many good people at the show, some for the first time some not and it was great fun chatting to you all. It was lovely to meet fellow bloggers and put faces to names, keep up the good work guys!
For all my new Norwegian friends all I can say is - Fantadei! Ielskerdeg! and tusen takk! Sadly we will be unable to attend the Norwegian Alpaca Show in April but they have very kindly allowed us to sponsor their brown championship ribbon. How cool is that? Oh and by the way, you all drink to much! And the smoking, very naughty!

Also a massive thank you for all those commenting on our results at the Futurity. It was a big thing for us and I am just stunned by the good wishes and congratulations that came our way. It was very, very much appreciated.

I have spent the morning collecting a load of lovely hay from some friends nearby. It is really good stuff and smells fantastic. I was tempted to have a little nibble myself but snapped out of the hay induced trance I had fallen into just in time. I have just finished unloading it into the shed with the usual audience of nosey alpacas. They are so funny how they all gather round to see what's going on. Getting in the way, having a little flap when they are in a corner and running off only to stop and return straight away. There was also some tremendous sneezefarting going on this morning as they stuck their noses into the new hay. I love that noise, fantastic.

Anyway I returned to the house to be told by Sue that my DIY trailer livery kit has arrived. I have been waiting for this for a couple of weeks. I had hoped to get the trailer 'Patoued' prior to the show but was very disappointed with the first company I approached who did nothing for two weeks. I then switched to another firm who tried but couldn't quite get the job done in time. Now is the moment of truth. I will try and get it done today. I have a propensity to rush things and completely make a hash of things so I am trying to be as restrained as possible and will approach the job with the stealth and patience of a stalking leopard. Obviously trying not to do the final 'leap on it and rip it to shreds' bit. We'll see, maybe a photo tomorrow. Maybe a tantrum and silence for a few days, who knows?

Big husbandry day tomorrow and the head of Old Stour Alpacas is coming round to give me a hand. He tells me we may have a pint at lunchtime! Nice.


Amiryck said...

Look forward to seeing photos of your Patou-ed trailer. Take your time and get it right from one rushmaster to the next!!!

Have a good time tomorrow - we want photos of that as well but not of the lunchtime binging!!!...

...oh go on maybe we do!

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

It must be a male thing !!...rushing the 'job' females prefer to take our time over things and enjoy the experience !!!...Ou La La...! I hear you say......look forward to the tantrum..or silence...just a professional job !!...........not the binging....the trailer...Jayne

Lucy of Coire Alpacas said...

Yup nothing like a sneeze-fart!