Tuesday, 7 December 2010


It's bloody freezing down here in the south, today it is still -5C and it's nearly lunchtime. Still we have had no more snow and there is no wind so it isn't too bad.
The alpacas are seemingly unbothered by the temperature and now all of them have access to a shelter. The girls, as previously reported, have the main field shelter with their en suite marquee, Qjori has his own field shelter (well he is rather special) and now Columbus, Mr Stroppy himself, has his own shelter.
We have erected our 'show tent' and strapped it down with some heavy duty straps............ and some bailing twine. It has been filled with straw and hay and The Clumpmeister has been shown round.

Actually for the first day he went no where near it but since then he has been seen regularly munching away on his hay whilst looking out on the rest of the world. We are much happier now, if the weather turns really nasty he should be able to get out of the worst of it. He is pictured below looking ridiculous with a large lump of snow on his face. What a berk.

I took a picture of the hugely impressive looking Ruby May a couple of days ago. She was our first cria this year and is a real chunky monkey, a definite case of thunder thighs. She has an amazing amount of fleece like her sire, Jack of Spades and a temperament like her mother, a feisty one indeed, halter training should be interesting!

A final word for any Australian readers.
I was up very early this morning to watch the conclusion of the cricket.
It was all over though. Australia outplayed in every department.
Can't really see anything but spankings to follow in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney.
Now you know what it feels like!


Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...

Sorry I'm going to have to say it...only -5 come on...that's merely one vest weather! :)

Terry said...

Brrr indeed!

Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

I'm with Barbara, double it and and another foot or two of snow then you can complain! No arguing, I am armed with knitting needles!!!!

Nick said...

There was cricket? Sorry i didn't notice, there are no TV or radios at the beach :)

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Ruby May..is a big chunky monkey !!......she looks fantastic...and the Clumpmeister is looking swell with his new field shelter......now that you have had a sprinkle of snow !!.....no moaning....now...we have....even more than before and after today.....what a blizzard !!.....I shall be track clearing.....tomorrow...with my tractor.....its freezing and 2ft of snow.....Now Im moaning !!.....Jayne