Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Nearly there!

Ok, so here we are, the 22nd of Christmas, I mean December, and we are nearly there, the big day is only three days away! The excitement is building at an ever increasing rate here in Patouland and we are just about ready. A 10 hour shift on Christmas Eve and I'm done!

Before I comment on the photographs on this posting I would like to proffer up a couple of thank you's. Firstly, I neglected to mention on my last post our attendance at the social event of the year. Yes, the Wonderful World of Inca Christmas Dinner.

His and Her Royal Alpaca Highnesses, Lord Timothy and Lady Tracey of Inca Alpaca invited us once again to join a select group of seasoned 'troughers' to celebrate all things black .........and brown (of course) ....... and grey (something for the oldies) in a convivial atmosphere.

This year the Inca Warriors chose one of the most remote pubs (and a rather splendid one at that) in deepest darkest Somerdorsetshire (can't remember which). Actually, I must thank the lovely Mrs S too. I had offered gallantly to drive there and back and fully intended to do so but on arrival Sue stated that she would do the honours on the return trip. Within half a second I was at the bar ordering a pint of Doombar. Marvellous. Poor old girl was still in the car park!

There then followed a very relaxing evening shared amongst the massed clans of Inca, Patou, Amyrick and affiliated splendid people. Thanks for a great night guys.

Secondly and most unexpectedly, a big thank you to Andy and Viv at Reddingvale, we have spoken on the phone and they will know what it is about but once again, thank you very much, a fantastic box of fodder!

Right, now to more of the usual drivel. Todays photographic offerings are courtesy of the lovely Mrs S who has been out snapping in the snow, seemingly at anything that moves. Her usual black and white arty fart shots have been superceded by some colourful offerings which I happen to think are rather good.

Firstly our lovely slathering oaf of a Newfie, Kira, in resplendent pose atop a mound of snow, actually more of a hillock really, although she doesn't like to be called that.

Next, our very own beardy weirdy, Fu Man Chu herself, Patou Minstrel.

A couple of Mighty brown powerhouses, Poppy and her son Roger Resilient (aka The Popham basher), colourwise, that is what we here in Patouland are all about.

And finally.......... Angus has been a busy beaver out in the field building a very impressive igloo. Three days in construction this den of snow is what every Inuit reader will be envious of. It has a chimney hole, and several ground floor windows, as well as........................

A rather substantial front door! En suite tractor parking area with every one built!
Thank you for reading readers, I will hopefully blog again before Christmas but if not we hope you all have an absolutely fabulous Christmas. Stay safe and warm and relax (after the chores of course!)
Patouman signing where's my whisky Mac?


Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...

That's one cooooooool abode Angus...a chimney as just need a woodburner from Santa now...maybe not! :))

Lucy, Coire Alpacas said...

Great igloo Angus!!! Door to door transport via one comfy tractor too. You think of everything. Great pics of the animals, Dad!

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

That igloo is a beauty Angus - you could earn money building those for your neighbours!

Terry said...

Angus is surely going to be a famous architect some day! Awesome igloo!
Love the photos.

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Now if Angus lived up here in Snowy Scotland ..that Igloo would be a castle...what a fantastic construction !.....excellent photos and just wondering where is the Snowman ! there time to build one..before the snow melts !!!....Have a Wonderful...Mighty Merry Christmas Time.......Jayne

Lampwick Sidley said...

That igloo construction is not looking safety to me! I do like the architecture of your wood home tho it remind me of the film haven on high starring Klein Lumix and Sven Goldheimer the story of simple farm folk who struggle to build a wood home like yours with bare hands (although not with the double glaze you seem to have) then they see it partly dismantled after plain looking planners object to the roofline, eventually after much letter writing and a kid being eaten by a bear they manage to rebuild the house although with a slightly less protruding gable ends. Anyway good blogging for the new year Mac!

Anonymous said...

Great furry family! Great blog.
We are looking to have some alpacas with our highlands and donkeys.
I have one question:
Do alpacas eat fern? We have lots of those but neither the cows nor the donkeys, or even the goats and sheeps eat them. Would alpacas like them?
Thanks for your answer
Stay warm