Monday, 14 March 2011

Long drive for new socks.

Ok, here we go, The Futurity. 
In short, we came away with a fifth place rosette for the Mighty Ruby May a sixth place for the beautiful Reeya, a third place rosette for a photograph of Polly in the snow, the second of two thunderous hangovers for me and a craving for spoon food and an early night.

At one point and I will be brutally honest I had almost given up the will to breathe. Disappointed does not cover it. Extremely disappointed gets somewhere near but devastatedly disappointed with bells, whistles and claxons on probably hits it on the head. I am however, better now.
Perspective has been searched for and found and we will bounce back. We are also going to buy a fan. Wet alpacas, not good, and we had some very wet alpacas. Weird. It was cold in the hall but the alpacas were sweating like seriously sweaty things. I took them outside but that was against the law so they came back in.

That was some seriously tough competition. I have never seen such a gathering of high quality alpacas across all colours before with large classes everywhere. I went round and looked at some of the alpacas that had been placed above us. I tell you what people that was the best thing I could have done because the margins were fine. The quality is improving across the board and there isn't a lot between the best and the rest. That gave me heart. I have looked again at The Mighty show team and I still think they are good. Another month of fleece growth, different conditions and who knows, we all know how much alpacas can change as they go through the show season. We haven't thrown the towel in yet, we will be back. We are, after all, mighty!

On a positive note we had a splendid time in good company all weekend, looked at loads of alpacas and met and talked to some very nice people. Not only that but we restocked with some rather splendid socks. I got red ones, nice.

So with a smile on my face a skip in my step and joy in my heart I post some photographs of the event for the benefit of anyone who reads this. As Sue was enjoying herself in the ring I had free rein to wander about with the camera. I will post some of my favourite pictures from the event. I hope nobody minds, I don't think it's illegal so here we go.

Firstly we have Sue in the ring with Rico. They are standing next to the large dollop of doodah that Rico has just deposited on the green carpet. He also had a big wee. Somebody in the background seems to find it very amusing but should really have been concentrating on the showing. Actually Karen did have a good weekend so well done to Amyrick.

Here is Karen with little Inca Euphoria taking first place in the Junior black female class. The Inca's did very well as usual and Jack of Spades had a massive influence on the coloured classes. He is a superstar and I know there was some controversy over the 'non-awarding' of the Junior Herdsire award so I'll say it here. The award for the Junior Herdsire 2011 goes to.........(drum roll)..............LILLYFIELD JACK OF SPADES OF INCA (huge roar and a standing audience applauds).

Now some photographs of people who I enjoyed watching doing well. Graham and Jenny McHarg had a cracking weekend with, I think (forgive me if I'm wrong), four first places and two Champion ribbons for their Top Account progeny. Here is Graham having a few quiet congratulatory words with Fowberry Paloma after she took first place in the junior white female class.

Some people from Cornwall also did escapes me at the moment.........Pop something.....Oh yes Popham! Smile of the day from Gary as he wins yet another first place.

I finally met little Explorer from Beckbrow who is seen below with Paul getting third place in the junior whites. Not much competition there then!

Now I don't really know what to say about the next photo. Dave Bearman seems to have a small woman sitting on his lap. What on earth was going on?

And finally, for I have dribbled on for too long, a picture without an alpaca in sight. She will not like me putting it on the blog but she's gone out. Sue was, as I stated previously, quite brilliant in the ring and out of the ring was there to dust me down and get me to see things in perspective. She is truly a wonderful, wonderful person and I love her more than it is possible to convey in words.

Now, SWAG next, bring it on!


Rosemary said...

Thank you for a great report on the Futurity - have been thinking of you all weekend. Patou have always been the Mighty Patou - must have been a blip, and it was wet. We will make SWAG, if only to see Mighty Patou truimph!
and - Sue looks wonderful.

Tracey said...

Different show, different day with different Judges...there's plenty of time for the Mighty Patou to collect a mass of ribbons. Thanks to you and Sue for great company!

Knapper Alpakka said...

You will bounce back and we will cheer for you!

More alpacas usually means more competition (duh) and the margins between each competitor gets smaller. You have great alpacas, Mark, so just stay in the game.

Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...

I can only echo Tracey's comment on the showing for the rest...Cheers, we had a great time after hours...and thanks for the photo posting.

gary said...

Thankyou for the kind comments and one of these days we will have to get together for the hangover causing bit. Sorry we ducked out of the Mighty Challenge but Commander was sent to Fawn where he got whipped so it will have to Hobgoblin for the big clash at SWAG.

Jenny said...

Damp was an issue - our alpacas got out the trailer last night looking like suris. More fans needed. Thanks for your kind comments. Commentator John Potts on an aside, asked Graham to get his tongue out of Lucien's ear. But he is only clucking to them like their Mums used to. Onwards and upwards with the Patou show team; we wouldn't change any of them.

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Nicely summed-up Mark with a nice pictorial summary, and glad you are perking-up. As for the craft stand 'incident', it looks like you caught me in a weak moment resting my aching legs, when Polly Styrene offered to be my lap-top!

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

We have been waiting for the blog run down on the Futurity from the Mighty Patou ! assured that those alpacas have done you proud....the competition is fierce and you can't win them have to give others a share of the long as you had a great weekend and some lovely photos ......with or without the Socks !.......Jayne

Perry Wheeler said...

If you came a way with a 5th and a 6th ribbon the classes must have been huge, so don't be down.

2 fans and a hair drier with defusor and you will be fine.


Lucy said...

Don't be disappointed - you actually did well. As you say, the conditions were not favourable and the competition really high. At least you get to have a show team - unlike us. We'd love to be in the mix, even not winning anything would be good fun!