Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The tension mounts.

Things are moving forward at a pace here in Patouland. Well, some things are, the alpacas, the large pregnant alpacas, are not moving very much at all. In fact a fairly accurate representation of what they are doing most of the time is pictured below. Bobby, who has given birth at 311, 327 and 330 days is now at 315 days. She is as wide as a house and is 'getting ready'. Although now that I have said that she will probably break all records and give birth in about 6 months time. No, she's fit to burst, she won't be long.

The rest of the big fat lazy mothers to be are doing the same, here are some of them sheltering in the shade of the big Ash tree. They occasionaly stand, stretch, raise their tails, do what comes naturally and then collapse in a heap again. I feel so at home walking amongst them.

However, life goes on and today I will be loading up the trusty Discovery with tent, barbecue, mobile hot tub, inflatable bar, latrine, shower tent and the essential ingredients for a two night stay ready for a 4.30am departure tomorrow morning to the Devon County Show. A first trip to the show for me and I am looking forward to it, although you can keep the 4.30am departure time, not looking forward to that. Must get an early night, up the apples and pears to bedfordshire straight after The Apprentice.
I managed to snap a nice photo of Patou Rico prancing around in the sunshine yesterday, he is coming to Devon and if I can get him in the ring looking like that..... who knows......... although we will have to have a good look around for his left ear before we set off.

News has arrived from the west, the Mighty Amiryck Alpacas had a birth yesterday, a repeat mating between Ronnie and Columbus has produced another beautiful brown girl! Good on Clumpy, he is throwing his colour well, we have nine girls due to him this year and nine brown girls would be good!
The Clumpmeister has been somewhat eclipsed this year with the arrival of the super cool, super looking, Australian boy, Qjori. However, Qjori's cria will not be here until next year, this year is the year of the Clump.

Mind you Qjori will have an army of cria next year, we will be using him over all 22 of the Mighty Patou herd and he had his first away day mating yesterday. He faffed around a bit in strange surroundings but after a little pep talk and a rest he performed his job. He has plenty more 'away days' booked too and will be having a busy summer. That's my boy!

Finally a photograph illustrating how stupidly endearingly stupid dogs can look. Josh and Kira here staring intensely into a patch of nettles. Why? I have no idea. There was nothing there but I guess something must have been there recently. Muppets.


Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...

Good luck at the show Mark...Rico is looking fantastic. Love the photo of Josh and Kira.

Judi said...

Hope you find that other ear! Ours always lose theirs when the hear that a photo shoot is due!

Amiryck said...

I would be looking forward to the little Clumpsters, ours have both been lovely. He does a fab job.

Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

Rico is looking good, keep us posted on the show; good luck.

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Yet again Mark, you've left me with a smile on my face - and it's not just because you're leaving much earlier than me in the morning.

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Those girls are looking swell.....and deserve a rest ! Rico is looking fantastic.....just hop he finds his other ear for the big day......enjoy your Show-time !! ........Jayne