Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Wet sausages?

Yesterday we had a barbecue planned. Nothing major, the massed ranks of the Inca and Patou Tribes together for some nosh and a glass or two of vino collapso. Cue rain, cue wind, cue unseasonably (and unreasonably) low temperatures. Still, freezing conditions have never stood in the way of a good barbecue, not if I have anything to do with it. A good time was had and despite the weather I think we all enjoyed it. Check out the layers of clothing involved though!

The sons and heirs to the two Mighty Alpaca herds (you don't have to be big you know) ate sausages and then kicked a ball around in the rain. Marvellous.
Young Oliver Hey downing some sort of drink.

And young Angus Steele polishing off his pudding.

Today preparations are underway for a 6am departure tomorrow as we head off to the Royal Bath and West Show, our nearest show and one of the big ones. We will be travelling with a full show team and are looking forward to it, we always have a good time there, although it's only 45 minutes drive away we will be packing the tent and the barbecue and assorted comfortry (is that a word?).

We have a couple of housesitters booked, Lucinda is a fully qualified vet and her partner Chris has spent several seasons lambing on a sheep farm. I think the lardy ladies (I am forbidden from calling them 'fat slappers') are in good hands!

And finally, for I have much work to do, a couple of pictures of our beautiful little Sirrocco (the wind, not the car). Her name has been shortened to Coco and she is doing very nicely thank you.

Just how gorgeous is she???????!!!!!!

And also in profile!

Right that's it, I will now be running silent until Saturday when I will post about our showtime exploits.
Adios amigos.


Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...

The answer is verrrrrrrrrrrrry gorgeous!

Good luck at the Bath and West...and fingers crossed for some sunshine.


Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...


Keep us posted on the show - good look and enjoy the camping.

Perry Wheeler said...

good luck at the show and what a lovely looking girl.