Monday, 2 April 2012

Near and Far.

The bagpipes still haven't made an appearance yet. Dee continues to wander around sometimes with her tail sticking out at right angles, sometimes not. She has now been baking for 339 days, which coincidentally is her average gestation length. It is half past ten in the morning as I type this so maybe today is the day.  It's the most frustrating time of the year, the time when alpaca breeders are as impatient as it is possible to be and I'm a pretty impatient sort anyway. If I had hair I would be tearing it out!

It was a pretty busy week for us last week as we welcomed prospective new alpaca owners Nick and Karen to the paddocks as they decided to buy a lovely little group of four boys. They are all around the 9 months old mark. We wouldn't normally sell boys that young but they are going in a foursome and they are only going one and a half miles down the road. It is lovely to know that they are just down the road and we will be able to see them frequently and see how they develop. Saracen, Scout, Sandstorm and Sebulba will be heading off in a week or so to their lovely new home.

We also have some keen interest in another set of four boys who we sold about 18 months ago. The lady who owns them has had a change in circumstances and can no longer look after them effectively. As such she has asked us to find them a new home. We have a couple coming down from South Wales to look at them this weekend. So Jake, Blackjack, Samson and Jonah will probably heading off across the Severn Bridge soon. The Patou name is gradually being spread near and far!

Right, chores to do. I haven't had any coffee yet so there may be several more posts of an intelligible nature before the day is out!

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Zanzibah Alpacas said...

The Mighty Patou spreading far and wide...just a matter of time before those wiffs of Haggis and a sqeak of a Bagpipe !! on the horizon ....I'm sure ......Jayne