Monday, 21 May 2012

Brown rules the day in Devon!

He was a champion of mankind, known for his wily intelligence. He stole fire from Zeus and gave it to mortals. Zeus then punished him for his crime by having him bound to a rock while a great eagle ate his liver every day only to have it grow back to be eaten again the next day.
He was eventually saved from any further punishment when Hercules slayed the eagle and set him free.
The myth surrounding him led to a number of ancient sources crediting him with, or blaming him for, playing a pivotal role in the history of mankind.

His name was Prometheus and last weekend, in modern times, in a field near Exeter, he made history.

For last weekend at The Devon County Show Prometheus was declared Supreme Champion Huacaya.

Why does he make history? Because Prometheus is a brown alpaca. Just.
Why do I know so much about him? Well that is easy. For last year Prometheus and our own brown warrior, Qjori, slugged it out at several shows and Prometheus came out on top.

I haven't got a picture of Prometheus looking magnificent so here is a picture of Qjori, looking magnificent! Well come on guys this is my blog!

Congratulations to Chas and Rachel at Classical MileEnd for the win, a great result for them, he is a cracking looking male, and a great result for breeders of brown alpacas. Now if we can just make sure that the next brown supreme champion is owned by a proper brown breeder and that it is me everything will be dandy!

But before all that there was this:

It didn't start well. I was up at stupid o'clock on Thursday morning to get the show team (the four brown boys) loaded for the trek into Devon. There had been a heavy dew and they were soaked. Needless to say I was in a pretty foul mood when I left. We had been admiring them in the sunshine the day before and said it would be good to get them into the ring in that condition. For the first 30 miles or so I was muttering obscenities to myself. I was thundering down the A303. Stupid boy.

After a rather fast journey, (how fast are you allowed to go towing a trailer?) we arrived and the boys were unloaded into a nice outside pen where the breeze could do it's job (it did).

First though there was the little matter of assisting my friend and camping companion, Trevor, who was showing his greys. His beautiful female Dubonnet bagged first place and went on to win Champion Grey Female.  We then took his junior boys in, Trevor made me take the one that couldn't walk. We eventually got him in and it was worth the effort. Trevor's top boy got first and Jonny Legless got fourth. Here we are once he decided he did have legs after all.

Once the greys were out of the way it was time for some real colour, proper rich gorgeous colour. It was time for some browns. 
Sultan and Sherwood were first up in the junior brown male class and we notched up First and Second places. A great start!

There then followed the intermediate brown boys and Third and Fourth places were secured. Disappointed? Yes. But hey ho life goes on. Anyway it meant that we had the full set. 
Rafiki who had taken the fourth place rosette was slightly disgruntled and later destroyed it by chewing the string off and then treading it into some alpaca crap. His own presumably. We know how to sulk down here in Patouland, especially us boys.

Day job done we then relaxed into enjoying the rest of the show. Barbecue and wine would come later. A late night unwanted guest would follow that. Here are the boys, job done, relaxing in the sunshine.

And so to the unwanted guest. As I was travelling solo (ie without Mrs S and Angus) I was not allowed to book into a hotel nearby, no, I was forced to sleep in the back of the trailer. I tell you its not easy being me.

Anyway once me, Trevor and Garry (Super-steward and Pringle supplier) had barbecued and quaffed sufficiently we retired to bed. Not together you understand, Garry in his tent, Trevor in the Inca Wagon and me, as previously mentioned in the back of the trailer.

I had been supplied with plenty of bedding and so once ensconced amongst the straw I was warm and comfortable. I couldn't fully shut the jockey door as there was no handle on the inside so it was open by about 4 inches. It meant that there was a fresh breeze which helped with the general smell inside the trailer. 
Now I have to say it wasn't the best nights sleep. Firstly, Trevor kept setting off the alarm in the Inca wagon.  Secondly there was obviously some sort of military exercise going on at the nearby Exeter airport as we were buzzed by several low flying jet fighters. Both these things I could cope with. Both were noise issues which although inconvenient could be overcome. 

Whilst all this was going on I could hear, on and off some rustling in the straw but in my half asleep  weariness I thought nothing of it.  Nothing until something walked up my body and sat on my shoulder!

Now I don't know who was more surprised me or the rat but I think I moved quicker as the rat slammed into the wall of the trailer and then made his exit through the gap in the jockey.

It was a bit difficult to get back to sleep afterwards I have to admit. I had gone to Defcon 4 in a whisker and there was no coming down from that!


Frances said...

Your post-Devon County Show blog was eagerly anticipated and did not disappoint; as entertaining as ever.

Congratulations on your success at the show.

Amiryck said...


gary said...

Ah no mention of Commander

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

You were still grumpy when you arrived on thursday! but I bet you were 'ratty' on friday morning! Well done on your show results.

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

I knew you were breeding quality browns ! But I didn't realise you were into those sort of browns ! Patou Roland does have a bit of a ring to it ;o)
Congratulations on the results ...fancy poor roland having to hitch his way all the way back to Patou Land !! ....Jayne

Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...

Great Blog. Thanks for starting my day off laughing!

Bev said...

If only they gave rosettes for alpaca blogs... and I'd give you an extra ribbon for fortitude..

Suzanne@ Panteg Alpacas said...

How I laughed ! mainly nervously , since i hate rats with a passion - rather you than me !

Suzanne@ Panteg Alpacas said...

How I laughed ! mainly nervously , since i hate rats with a passion - rather you than me !