Monday, 14 May 2012

Me, Myself and Qjori

I was up bright and early this morning, for I have a week off! Yes a whole week away from the day job, a whole week where I don't have to sort anybody else's life out because they can't manage it themselves. So an early morning blog is required, for I have a list of jobs to do that is longer than my ape like arm.

Actually before I start I feel the need for a non-alpaca related rant. Oh no here he goes again I hear you exclaim in unison like a well rehearsed Welsh male voice choir! (Well that's how it sounds in my head).

If you don't want the rant you can skip down to the ALPACA NEWS bit. I won't be upset.

It may seem petty, in fact it is petty but it is annoying me to the point of exasperation. It concerns the word 'me'. 
I have noticed, primarily from the TV programme 'The Apprentice' that the word 'me' seems to have been banned or at the very least forgotten. If one of the engagingly irritating contestants is asked a question such as 'Who is the team leader?' the reply is invariably 'myself Lord Sugar'. 
Myself? MYSELF? What sort of language is that? The answer is 'Me Lord Sugar' not myself. Who started
this myself business? When did the word me become lost? Have I missed something?

The word myself is a perfectly good word of course but only when it is used correctly. By way of  illustration here are some examples.
'I have been trying to kick myself up the arse. '
'I ask myself why I am here every day.'
'I managed to make a telephone call, all by myself.'
'May I help myself to some more sausages please?'

Conversely the term 'me' can be used thus:
'Please help me for I can not help myself' (Ooh did you see what I did there?!).
'Please pick me!'
Or one that I hear frequently 'It wasn't me, honestly!'

I don't know where this myself stuff has come from but I twitch violently and uncontrollably when I hear it used in place of the word me. Stop it you blithering idiots! Just stop it, it doesn't make you sound clever, it makes you sound like a twat! STOP IT. Rant over.

*****************ALPACA NEWS*******************

I bring news of another Qjori son, not here in Patouland but down the road just over the border into Somerset at Reddingvale Alpacas.
Andy and Viv Walker, who are absolutely splendid people by the way, were the first people to take faith in Qjori last year and took six stud services from him. We will always be grateful for that leap of faith. Now they proudly announce that the first of their big 'Q' babies has arrived! 

Quintus, a healthy 11kg at birth is described by Andy as 'stunning'. Here he is with a beautiful looking Jack of Spades girl. What a gorgeous couple they are! Apparently little Quintus has already been orgling. I have passed on this great news to Qjori who gave me a knowing smile and a wink before wandering off to take a dump.

And here is little Quintus (just love that name!) with his mother, not a bad job at all on the colour front there.

Right breakfast beckons. Then busy busy busy!


Barbara Hetherington said...

Fabulous thinks!

Amiryck said...

What another cracking result!

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

As usual ....I read the Blog..all by 'Myself' !!! After all there is only 'Me' here !! so what can you do !!
With great amusement, those babies are delicious. I do hope you can tare yourself away to get those jobs done...this week !! Jayne

Jenny said...

I blame Joan Armtrading - but a cracking good song Me Myself I was!

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Brilliant! you warned us of a rant, but told us there was alpaca news coming, you gave us the rant AND taught myself something (or did you?;-)), then you gave us the alpaca news - the Q-boy done good, Harry. Something for everyone/everybody-peeps.

Bev said...

In the North we use Me for emphasis, as in "I like the look of little Quintus me", ugly but in common use. Strangely for once using myself in place of me is an improvement, as in "I think that's a lovely colour myself"