Monday, 8 December 2008

A busy old week

A frosty Fifi.

Sorry I have been awol from the blog since Tuesday but it has been a busy old week.
I was at the day job until Friday and with um ........what's it tip of my know this one.......................with..............Christmas, that's it, with Christmas rapidly heaving into view there has been a fair amount of running around to be done.

Friday night I went out for a boys night out with a couple of chums, one of them being Lord Tim of Inca, much beer (too much) was drunk and as a result Saturday was a bit of a wash out. Although we were delighted to get a visit from Nigel and Ginny Cobb in the afternoon who came down with Sue Turle for a look at a couple of alpacas. It was lovely to see them again, they farm alpacas in Spain in case you didn't know. It was very interesting, and heart wrenching to hear them talk about BVD and the animals they lost to it. Something else to be aware of. I admire them greatly for what they are doing in Spain. True pioneers of the alpaca world.

Yesterday I was up in the Cotswolds delivering a couple of alpacas to Roger Mount of Snowshill Alpacas. What a beautiful place and what a lovely looking herd of alpacas. It was my first trip to the Cotswolds, what a cracking place, loved it.

I see from the blogs of our Northern cousins boasts of snow. Well we can't yet match that but we have had some very hard frosts the last couple of days. I have been concerned about the alpacas as they were sheared so late, but they seem to be fine. The frost free contingent wander out of the shed when the sun has risen, they really are amazing as it is chuffing cold out there. Well I think it is but we are, according to a friend from Yorkshire, a bunch of southern shandy drinking poofters after all.
Amelie, a shed dweller, hence she is frost free.

Hay feast.

Anyway must go I have a sloppy poo and a limp to investigate. Outside................. in the alpaca field, in case you thought that was just too much information!


Amiryck said...

OMG!!! thought you were talking about the after effects of your weekend binge with Tim for a minute - thank goodness you clarified ;-)


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Mark.....Get Well Soon !!..sloppy poo and a limp !!! hope all is well....Oh sorry !! not you your alpacas....Binge drinking you should know better at your age !! Get a grip !!!not of the poo either ..... Must have been the shandy ....Jayne

Lucy said...

Hi Mark

Disgraceful going for a night out like that and how dare you drag Lord Tim on one of your sprees - he does have the country's black future to plan so needs to keep a clear head at all times....
anyway, couldn't help noticing in your frost photo - is that your stud males over that very flimsy looking fence?.. if so, how do they resist the temptations of the females just over the wire????

Mark said...

Flimsy fence! FLIMSY FENCE!!

I'll have you know that flimsy fence was constructed in its entirety by me the Lord Lieutenant of Patou using the finest lumber, wire and nails a small amount of money could buy at the time.

I don't know how it holds them back but it does!

Lucy said...

It is a beautiful fence of course! I am amazed at your guys' restraint! You should see ours when they spy a female three fields away.....!