Monday, 15 December 2008

Early breakfast.

Yesterday I informed readers that I was living in the dark with early departures and late returns to the land of Patou.

This morning I could contain myself no longer.
I was up at stupid o'clock, wellies on and out with a bucket of food.

It was dark as I slithered along in the mud towards the feeding troughs. It was dark, although with the benefit of a very bright and apparently large moon I could see quite well. I couldn't however see any alpacas.

I arrived at the troughs and whistled, and waited.
I heard them first as there was the sound of a distant sneezefart and then I could hear their footfalls. They appeared over the brow of a hillock on the charge and within seconds I was mobbed.
Three heads were in the bucket before I knew what was going on, there was a certain amount of jostling, it was fantastic.
I managed to reclaim control of the bucket to pour out the feed into the troughs and then the spitting, screeching and neck wrestling which starts each alpaca meal began.
Shortly afterwards they all settled into feeding positions and breakfast was underway.
I stood there amongst them while my favourite alpaca in the world and her mother ate the last few handfulls of food out of my bucket. Silence descended, only broken by the sound of happy alpacas munching away.
What a great way to start the day! I will be up earlier in future.

1 comment:

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Early start.....midnight munching and no doubt fluorescent jackets on santas wish list !!...just for the alpacas, not the humans of course and some wellies with studs on, so that you can get a grip !!

I need a snorkle up here and some mud boots, got webbed feet with all the wet weather up here, bring on the spring !! I say...Jayne