Friday, 19 December 2008

I can make it work!

Now before all you professional photographers out there start writing scathing reviews and offering advice etc. It was a very dull, overcast day and these are literally the first photographs that I have taken with the new camera.
I found a Fully Automatic button, so if they are rubbish I am blaming the camera entirely. I like them anyway.

Our first herdsire Columbus, I think perhaps ear hair trimmers for Christmas for him.
Amelie, looking lovely as always.
Jonah looking about as shocked as it is possible to be without the use of electricity.

Columbus pointing those ears.

Alacazam smoking some weed.


Zanzibah Alpacas said... them all....David Bailey eat your heart out....where's he got the weed from !!!!....Jayne

Lucy said...

They are great pictures Mark, don't worry! Especially like the Amelie head. We have one with really furry ears too - Selkie, who is a Don Pepe daughter. She has a full sister, Iona, without furry ears. Ah the wonder of genes! I think they are quite fetching - might be a selling point for stud services!