Monday, 13 April 2009

Happy Easter!

What a cracking Easter weekend we have had down here in Patouland. I have been off for 4 days and have enjoyed being at home with nothing to do but potter, play, entertain and look after.
The weather has been good with a superb day today of warm sunshine. So warm that we took Lily's coat off first thing this morning and she has been out grazing with the sun on her back all day. Marvellous. I have just been out to take a picture of her but she is so keen to get as much food in as possible that she hardly ever looks up. Eat eat eat, that's our Lil'. Anyway I hope you can see from the below photo that she has indeed started to put on weight. She continues to improve.
I have also been doing a little 'lawn mowing' today, alpaca style of course! The girls wandered in and grazed around the mad labs who were crashed out in the sun. Poppy, Ruby, Millie and Ronnie here doing the gardening.

Yesterday was supposed to be spit off day to see who has stayed pregnant over the winter. We pretty much know anyway but we thought we would let Columbus have a sniff of the girls for the first time. He has been very keen up to now, always straining through the fence as they walk past to have a sniff, keen as mustard. Anyway we gathered together the girls who we weren't sure about and I led Columbus into the 'mating pen' to await the first girl. In she came and he went all funny. He looked away and then just stood there. Not interested. I wheeled in the next girl and he didn't want to know. I prompted him. I orgled at him, but no, he had apparently turned. He was having a bit of a gay moment. In frustration I let the rest of the girls in. A couple who were very obviously pregnant let him know about it but he just stood amongst the other girls and they chatted about clothes and washing machines. I bustled him away back to the boys paddock where we had a very in depth chat about being macho and stuff. He promised me he would do better next time. Its a good job he looks the part and has balls the size of duck eggs!


Lucy said...

Maybe he's super choosy (he's obviously a bit mixed up if he's being choosy about your lovely gals mind you!!!!? ;-} Or he's just thinking, girls, shmirls I see those every single day of my life through the fence.... booooooring. Is he a newbie to the old mating game? Hope he gets the urge soon. We could lend you Macusani, my God he is turbo-charged. One sniff of a female and he goes totally mental. I don't think a mere fence would keep him back. Our other boys are more gentlemanly!

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Excellent news about Lily...she looks like she is gaining condition !...on the subject of Columbus, now you have had the 'birds'n'bees talk maybe he will get the message !....he sounds a bit shy !....he might like a bit of privacy !...soft lighting etc !!!....never mind the duck eggs....I've got one up here who looks more like a 'space-hopper' !!!!....and hes got the interest to go with it !....boys eh!!!...there nowt but trouble..., but Columbus looks to handsome to be a bit Gay ! you will confuse him if you keep orgling at him, he'll get the message .....Im confident he will know what to do, but you have to get the moment right ! should know that being a man of the world !....Jayne

Debbie said...

It must've been the day for it as we thought we'd give Legend a try on one of our girls. When he plucked up the courage to have a stiff she spat at him full in the face. I wouldn't mind but I know for sure she's not pregnant!

Mark said...

'When he plucked up courage to have a stiff'?!?!?!

Did you mean sniff?