Friday, 10 April 2009

Lily update

Right folks, pin your ears back for some seriously good news.
I spoke to the vet yesterday about the results of Lily's latest blood tests (the third).

Her PCV count (this is the Packed Cell Volume) is up to 17.
When she was initially 'about to die' her PCV was at 10. Four days after coming home and four days after 'Operation Fightback' commenced it had risen to 12. Now two weeks after the battle began it is up to 17. Apparently a normal PCV count ranges from 25-45, however, from what I have read whilst swotting up on all things anaemic, it can naturally be lower in camelids. In other words Lily's count is almost where it should be.

How fab is that? I'll tell you. It's pretty much stand up on the roof of the tallest building in the village and shout your head off until your eyes fall out. That is how flipping fab it is!
Her haemoglobin level has also risen, from 4 to 5.6. Apparently it should be between 11.3 and 19 so she still has a way to go there but she is heading in the right direction.

The rest of her blood results were absolutely normal which is such splendid news that it makes me want to dance in slow motion in a field full of wild flowers with the sun beating down on my naked torso. You mustn't try and picture that in your head, seriously, it could do you great harm.

Other news here in Patouland is that Sue and I have decided to give the Bath & West show a miss this year. The youngsters will be overfleeced by then, Poppy will be pregnant hopefully and Columbus, who we were going to be taking if we had gone, will be pretty busy with the ladies here on the farm. On top of that I am working that weekend. In my little mind I can hear a collective sigh of relief from the big breeders as the news of the absence of the mighty Patou showteam gets around.
Anyway we can't fit any more rosettes in the house.


Knapper Alpakka said...

That IS very good news! Still keeping our fingers crossed.

You have some great alpacas, so I wouldn't be surprised if you do have a ribbon management problem ;-)

Amiryck said...

Great news. If you decide to follow through on any of your celebratory actions please remember to get someone to catch it with a camera.

Sorry you won't be at B&W - my bank balance nearly didn't stretch to it with the entry fees! Hope mine won't be too overfleeced!

Lucy said...

That is fantastic. Well done the Patou nursing team! We won't be at the Bath and West either..... damn, everyone else will indeed have a chance! (oh, maybe Cardhu will be there, not sure)

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Hi Mark
Fantastic news about Lily and her progress to good on the subject of dancing naked in fields with flowers and in slow motion......really it makes me shudder !!......I do hope you will provide all and sundrey with the appropriate eye protection ! Especially Lily, no extreme shocks for this little Patou lady !...shes recovering you know !

However if you can't contain your excitement with the wonderful news you could always do a lap of honour and keep your feed bucket strategicaly placed !.....Seriously fantastic news guys.....I think Sue obviously is the level headed one in Patou Land !!! think Im mad is that !.......How very dare you !!!!!!!
P.S. You need an extension, for all those rosettes ......Jayne

Perry Wheeler said...

Good to hear of Lily's progress. Keep up the good work.

It is tricky with the fleeces though. There is always room for more ribbons though.

Sarah and Perry

Lorna Penfold said...

Great news you made us laugh out loud lol, and nearly pmsl!
Lorna & Alan xxx