Friday, 17 April 2009

Up close and personal

It's been a busy old week here in Patouland. As usual the 'day job' or to be more accurate this week, the 'evening job' has got in the way and reduced my alpaca time. However, we seem to have squeezed a fair bit in.
Lily is still improving, so much so that she has kicked me quite hard twice this week. I think she is getting a little bit fed up with injections and being poked and prodded. She still loves me of course, I can see it in her eyes. I see her kicks as a little way of her telling me 'I'm doing very well now thank you, I'm fine, just stop hassling me!' She has never kicked anyone before so it is a sure sign that she is full of beans, fantastic actually, she can kick me black and blue if it makes her feel better, no problem. She can't kick anyone else though, just me, she loves me!

Yesterday we had a visit from Diane and Nigel from Kent. They are thinking of relocating to the peaceful bliss of south Wiltshire and starting a herd of alpacas. It was nice to see them and to introduce them to some of the mighty Patou. Good luck with the house sale guys. There you are, a mention as promised!

Before they arrived I was out amongst the girls for some close up interaction. Sue popped out with the camera and snaffled a couple of snaps.

I know what you're thinking.....a nice picture of alpacas spoiled by some rotund baldy bloke.

Just get out of the shot will you! I couldn't help it though, the smell, the noise, the munching, dare I say the sneezefarting..........they put up with it all!


Henny14 said...

Lovely pictures - yes, shame that baldy bloke keeps getting in the way! Only kidding.

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Lily is just getting her own back ! said you would give yourself a good kick up the arse if only you could reach !....for what happened last I think Lily is just getting her own back !!....its nice that she is on the mend !....nice photos...sneeze- farting, good company, theres nothing like it !!!....its sometimes a bit windy up here in Scotland also.......Jayne