Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Fab weekend

No blogging over the the last few days as I have been sharing the time with Sue and Angus and we have had a great weekend.

Saturday was a day of pottering around the garden. We moved some big plants around and planted some potatoes and onions. Doesn't sound terribly exciting does it? Well it wasn't but it was enjoyable and relaxing.

Saturday was also a ground breaking day for me and Gus. We took it upon ourselves (actually it was his idea) to bake Sue a cake. Now I have never baked a cake. I love cooking and of course eating but I have never baked a cake. I am not really a cake person. Anyway we found a really nice picture of a chocolate cake in a Nigella cookbook and set about the task. First up we went out to get some seriously chocolatey cake ingredients. Upon our return it was 'lets make a real mess' time. An hour later the cake was in the oven and it looked like some sort of chocolate bomb had gone off in the kitchen. As the cocoa powder settled it revealed a contented father and son licking wooden spoons and rubber spatulas. Mmmmmmmmmm nice!

The cake was a massive success and has, bar one slice, all gone. No we didn't have any visitors over the weekend we have eaten the lot. We might do it again one day!

It was also herd check day. This is something we do every two weeks and should be a routine task for all alpaca owners. It doesn't take long and can save you a lot of trouble in the future. It is vital to get hands on with the fluffsters to check their general wellbeing. A quick condition score and a general going over checking for signs of mite, jaw abscesses and anything else. The mighty Patou is in fine fettle it has to be said. A very healthy bunch of fluff. I took a picture of Penny and Lily, both doing very well. Penny has put on 12.5kilos in 7 weeks from a birth weight of 8kg. She grazes and tucks into any hard food on offer. Lily is also putting on weight nicely and has come a long way from where she was. Great to see.

Sunday was Sue's birthday and Angus's plan for the day kicked into action. Fry up, dog walk, coffee, slice of cake, then off to Salisbury to watch Monsters versus Aliens. Quite the most bizarre film I have ever seen. Amusing (Angus certainly enjoyed it) but very, very strange indeed.

Following the movie we walked across Salisbury to a top notch Indian restaurant for a cracking lunch (please can I go and lie down now, please, type of lunch). Home for more pottering and a slice of cake. I even got to watch some rugby whilst Sue relaxed and Angus ran around.

Monday was more general pottering with some lawn mowing and some rotovating thrown in for good measure. Finished off with a barbecue and perhaps too much gin we went to bed a happy family.
All in all a cracking weekend! How lucky am I?


Amiryck said...

Sounds like a lovely relaxed weekend. Perhaps you could hone your obviously natural talent in the kitchen and bake another cake to bring to the next alpaca show! - and don't eat it all on the way!

Tim said...

That sounds like a great idea Karen. I would fancy a bit of cake at the next show!

Your weekend sounds great Mark and I can totally relate to it.

Happy birthday Sue.


Mark said...

Ok, a cake will be made.

Perry Wheeler said...

They do look like some nice animals, unfortunatly there weren't many darker colours at the SOE show, I was hoping see what the standards were like here (I'm looking at the ecomomics of bringing over a consignment of Aussie browns and blacks).

Lucy said...

Mmmmmmm, cake......
Try a splash of malt whisky in the icing. It gives a lovely flavour. Sounds like a good weekend.