Friday, 1 May 2009

A sale, a birthday and a curry.

Once again the day job and the part time evening jobs (6yr old son and Alpacas) have got in the way of blog posting.

It has been a busy week one way or another and started on a high note on Tuesday when we were visited by David and Valeria from Suffolk who were thinking of starting a herd of alpacas. Tuesday, as I mentioned, was our wedding anniversary, which as usual I forgot. Anyway we had a chat whilst looking at the alpacas at close quarters and David and Valeria decided to buy three of the lovely girls we have here for sale.
Orchard Ruby, Valley Farm Emma and Valley Farm Juno will be heading off to Ipswich in a week or so to be the foundation members of a new herd of alpacas. Fantastic and nice people.

Deal done we all headed off to the pub for a slap up lunch.
It's always sad to see members of the herd leave but it will be great that they will form the basis of a new herd. Ruby and Emma will both be having cria later in the year so it should be a fantastic start for David and Valeria in the wonderful world of alpacas.
The pub lunch got me out of trouble as well.

Since then I have been nursing my ancient Discovery around until today when some sort of viscous liquid began pouring out of it. Oil I think mechanics call it. Apparently that's not good. Just looked like the old girl was having a wee to me. Seriously dehydrated! Right off the wee wee chart.
Anyway a quick phone call and a very slow drive to Dicky W's (the best mechanic in Wiltshire) and me and the big old Disco have parted company, hopefully temporarily. I am now transporting myself around in something called a Mitsubishi Colt which fits me like a glove, literally.

We now have a family long weekend and have big plans for Sunday which also happens to be Sue's birthday. Angus has decided what we are doing so we are off to the cinema on Sunday morning to watch something called Monsters versus Aliens, which I belive is some sort of period drama, perhaps with a sci-fi horror twist. Following that we are off to the poshest Indian restaurant in Salisbury for a tastebud bursting curry lunch (does a Sunday get any better than this people?).

Hopefully I will also get to have a quick peek at the tv as it is a massive weekend of rugby. Or maybe not, it's not my birthday after all.


Lucy said...

What a life you're having just now! Except for the car of course. Hope the disco is back on track soon. I am sure it will be. Happy birthday to Sue when it comes. Enjoy the curry. Wish you lived closer so we could offload some extra hot chilli plants to you....!

Katie said...

Monster vs Aliens is quite amusing - we watched it last weekend - George managed to polish off a huge box of popcorn on his own - it wasn't until the lights came back up at the end of the film that I realised most of the wretched stuff was down his front!!! Enjoy xx