Tuesday, 28 July 2009

All is well in the land of the Patou.

We have had a great weekend here in Patouland, some good friends over, tents in the garden, barbecue, beer, wine, pub lunch, village dog show and alpacas at the centre of everything.

Before that the herd was rounded up and given their Selenium jabs which they obviously enjoyed immensely. The herd was once again checked over and they were in fine fettle. Having conferred with the great chieftain of the Inca warriors (over a glass or two) we have decided to jab with Selenium every three months. This ensures that they all get the required dose.
Spitting off was also carried out over the weekend and a cracking 12 out of 13 spat off magnificently. The boy Columbus has four girls spitting off out of four! Come on big boy!! All one time matings as well which is great news. The main man Jack has 8 out of 8 spitting off, no surprise there. The remaining empty girl shall remain nameless to save her blushes as this is the second year we have been trying to get her pregnant. She is on agistment here and is causing some concern. She spits off for a month or two and then starts hitting the deck again. Frustrating.
The other news is that the kittens are plotting the downfall of the mad labs. Sebastian is pictured here about to pounce on poor old Bryn as he lies asleep.
Fortunately a truce was called (whilst Bryn was still asleep) and they both joined him for a snooze.

As I said, all is well in the land of the Patou.


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Peaceful Patou, nice to see, all is well at HQ.

Lovely photos and good news about your girls....I have a girl like that !....sits, spits, never gets pregnant ! mmmmm we've been trying for 3 years !...no success......IJayne

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Wahey indeed !!!!!!!!!!!

We might meet the Mighty Patou one day, before you escape off to France ! .....Jayne

Perry Wheeler said...

Well done Columbus!and of course Jack. Is Columbus still on his own or is back with the boys?

Jayne it is well worth a visit to Patou HQ. I really enjoyed my visit.

We to have a girl that we have yet to get cria from. We know she can get to 8 mths pregnant but she has no got any further. But this mating season we will succeed (we have a plan with the vet!).