Friday, 24 July 2009

And another thing!

Ok folks this will be short. I never intended this blog to be a marketing tool other than the fact that some people might read it and want to buy some alpacas from us......?......!.....?............. ok so it is a marketing tool ......... mmmmm ........ just thought it was a bit of fun anyway here we go.

We agist animals here at Patou and most of the animals agisting are usually for sale. It's how we pay for stud fees basically. (I know Tim, I know, soon mate soon. Its just we've had other stuff to pay for!)

We have had a small herd of seven animals from Avon Water Alpacas here to sell. They arrived just over two years ago. Four we sold last year, Matilda, Vita, Milarka and Minna. We have three girls left, Monique, Veronique and Moselle.

Their owner has asked me to sell them quickly as she needs the money for something. She has instructed me to sell them at half their for sale price! They had been reduced anyway earlier in the year but are now almost being given away.
Combined they are for sale at £13,000 which has now been reduced for a quick sale to £6,500!!

Now at that price you may think that they are ropey old things but no, far from it. Monique was sired by Koricancha Sinbad of Wessex. He has had a lot of rosette winning progeny.

Veronique was sired by the elusive but very impressive Wessex Fernando and Moselle is an ATA Cambridge Centurion girl. In short they are worth every penny of £13,000 let alone £6,500.

On top of the sire stuff, Monique is due a cria next month sired by the big boy himself, our favourite stud male, Lillyfield Jack of Spades of Inca! That is sure to produce a cracking cria.

Veronique is the first female to be mated to Cambridge Columbus, our very own special boy! She is spitting off nicely and is now two months pregnant. She is a cracker and her cria will also be good, no doubt.

So there you have it, if you read this drivel and are interested in a simply amazing deal please give me a ring. These girls are known to us, they have immense potential to produce top quality cria.

Click on the website link at the side of this page for full details.

Sorry for the marketing blog but I would rather they were sold to a friend or blog reader at least, it's that good a deal.


Knapper Alpakka said...

Don't be sorry. Blogs are good for marketing and the readers can choose themselves if they want to read the advertisements, as opposed to newsletter marketing.

Lucy said...

LOL. Blogs - once you get chatty on them you can't face advertising on them. I know! In the US they are unashamedly marketing tools. Here, more like friendly diaries. It's a real problem. However, the way you've put it is not at all a problem!! I'd buy them in a shot, by the way, if I could. Are they all coloured? We'd love to have them, however...... sorry Mark: CREDIT CRUNCH! Only thing we hve to trade is services to the Mighty Groove, but that wouldn't work in this case.

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Now you tell me !!!...why wasn't this timing a bit sooner, I've just recently purchased two fawn females.....!!!!!!....This is a fantastic opportunity for someone to purchase quality girls....I bet they would have liked it in Scotland !!... I hope that they get a lovely new home this price the're sure to be snapped up...................Jayne