Friday, 3 July 2009


Ok folks you've had several days to leave a comment whilst I've been busy at work. You haven't left one, I'm not offended, its been 7 months since my last 'comment free' blog but no you can't upset me by ignoring me. No way, it'll take more than that, no there haven't been any tears or tantrums or anything, just don't care if I'm honest, no, not bothered, just not bothered. It is a bit rude though. There I've said it. Now I'm prepared to move on.

Anyway, the fluffy kittens are here!! Yes poor old Bob our cat had to be put down a few months ago and we have been debating his possible replacement for a while. They arrived yesterday and consist of a little grey girl called Belle and a little peachy boy called Sebastian (Seb).

They don't quite know what to make of us and we don't quite know what to make of them. In a certain light they look seriously alien like, really they do. I half expect them to fix me with a steely gaze and issue some ultimatum for mankind in a deep throaty voice before peeling their skins off to reveal their true gruesome selves. Eeeeuuuuww!

Belle and Seb in their den. The dogs don't know what to make of them and Josh seems petrified.

Staking a claim for the sofa in the sitting room in the west wing, actually the only sitting room we have, came over all 'grandeur' for a moment then. This was whilst I was at work incidentally and Mrs Bigsoftee was in charge.
Other news is that we had some ****hole messing around in the alpaca field the other day whilst we were both at work. Gates were deliberately opened, alpacas were rushed into paddocks and gates closed again. Mums and cria were separated and Columbus, who is a tad aggressive towards other boys at the moment, had several hours to beat the living daylights out of Henry, our first ever cria. Henry was in a real state when I found him cowering in the bottom corner of the main field. He was bloodied and in a state of shock surounded by the weanling boys who also looked like they had had a bit of an ordeal. Angry just isn't a big enough word, furious doesn't even touch it, I was..........well you can probably guess.......the air was blue and I was in a murderous mood for quite some time.
The only other thing that really threw me was the presence of a dead magpie in the gateway that had been opened and closed. Almost like a sign. Well if the perpetrators would like to present themselves for a return 'sign' I will gladly provide one, right in the teeth.
Lastly some good news. Liz Curzen who has a small herd of alpacas a couple of miles up the road phoned with some splendid news today. Liz has a lovely brown female called Connie who's womb was rented out to us last year. She was covered by superstud ATA Cambridge Centurion last summer and gave birth to a beautiful fawn female cria this morning. She will join the mighty Patou herd once she has been weaned later in the year. So far this year the mighty Patou has three new cria, all female. Now there's something to smile about!


Katie said...

I am looking forward to seeing the kittens tomorrow. (Probably more than you are looking forward to seeing George and the Little Man!!!)

Mark said...

You are wrong, can't wait!

Trevor said...

Your kittens look gorgeous - I hope they are as good at hunting as they are cute looking.

Sorry to hear about the interloper at your property - I hope they get their just deserts.

Hope Henry has now recovered from his ordeal.

Lucy said...

Well, we've got an excuse for not posting a comment - Finlay's been ill. Lovely kittens, I want one!! Belle is very like our Islay when she was wee. They look like good mousing moggies. Hope they are. Seb is gorgeous too. What a lovely colour.

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Beautiful..balls of fluff...I guess you have got them on the security payroll...night-time hunting when they get bigger !

Sorry to hear about your intruder and strange goings on....I hope that it dosen't get out of hand. Sounds a bit suspicious to say the least....hope that the little boys are recovered from their ordeal with can't be too careful....... Jayne