Sunday, 28 June 2009

A visitor from down under.

We have been bathed in glorious sunshine all week again apart from a couple of short thunderstorms and we are loving it. Nothing better than being up at the crack of dawn, outside in my peejays observing the Patou herd as it goes about its mighty morning business. Laying about in the shade basically.
Priscilla's new cria has now been given a name by the Patou herd naming committee, she will be known henceforth as Patou Minstrel, or Minnie for short.
Priscilla is chock full of milk and Minnie has been feeding well, in fact Priscilla has so much milk I almost feel like drawing off a pint myself to have on my cornflakes. There might be a bit of spit involved if I tried so perhaps not.

Yesterday we had a visit from Sarah Wheeler from Prados Alpacas in Australia. Sarah was over on family business and very kindly took time out to come and visit us. Sadly Sue and Angus had to head off to a birthday party but Sarah and I had a very interesting discussion over lunch about alpacas and stuff. What a lovely lady and what lovely presents! You shouldn't have...but you thank you very much!
Sarah and her husband Perry farm alpacas near Adelaide and are following the brown and black route much like ourselves. In fact that wasn't the only thing we have in common. Sarah is a district nurse (Sue is a Community Midwife) and Perry is a retired Copper like me..........have I retired yet?..........damn I don't think I have you know....................bugger.
They also have a splendid blog, if you don't already know it can be accessed at
Massive gardening day for me today so I'm off for some serious limbering up.

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