Monday, 8 June 2009

Latest report from Patou HQ

Well I am now three days into four days off and I don't know whether I work harder at work or at home. I know, asking for trouble with that comment.

Jack of Spades was back this weekend and four females out of the five he 'saw' last time spat off very nicely. The one conquest of Columbus so far is also spitting off. We have two other ladies here for him to get acquainted with but he is not making life easy for himself. Columbus has become a complete hooligan. He is currently still in solitary confinement as he attacks any male that comes anywhere near him, apart from me of course, mainly because I am usually chasing him whilst waving a piece of blue piping and shouting obscenities! We will see if we can introduce him to some girls tomorrow.

On Saturday Angus and I, together with his best friend George, went to the Tank Museum at Bovington for the morning. Much fun was had looking at tanks and army stuff. I hope George's mum doesn't mind publication of the following photograph of the two rascals posing in front of one of the many tanks.

Yesterday Angus and I spent the day with three of the mighty Patou herd at the Gillingham and Shaftesbury Spring Fayre. We were very lucky with the weather and spoke to a lot of people about the wonders of alpaca ownership. My parents came along and my father was soon talking 'alpaca' to the massed hoardes. The alpacas were a big hit as usual and as proof I took the following picture. You can clearly see the swarms of people waiting to talk to me.

Alright there's nobody there in the picture but honestly we were busy most of the day! Patou's Millie, Barney and Alacazam strutted their stuff in the ring in front of the gathered crowds whilst John Gaye (yes, the John Gaye of Alpaca show legend) gave a superb commentary. He took a lot persuading as he has officially hung up his microphone but after hours of negotiating agreed for the princely sum of a pint of real ale. Well worth it! Thanks John.

Right I'm now off to play football in the alpaca field with Angus (his thunderous right boot has outgrown the garden).

Au revoir mes petit pois!


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Ah...yes rushed off your feet !!..did you know that there is an infectious 'Z' bug going around !!! out for it, could strike without warning !!...there is no current vaccination for it either.....Jayne

Katie said...

Great photo - George looks as happy as ever!!