Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Spit offs and stuff

First of all some news about Miss Rosemary Mint, the invading lamb of doom. She has gone. I had just about had enough last night with her continuous sleep breaking bleating that I cracked. Downstairs I ran and sorted her out once and for all. No more Miss Mint.

Actually before you all start bleating about animal cruelty that was a fib. Some friends of ours who live about a mile up the road fell in love with her and so she has gone to live in their garden as a pet. She will be spoilt rotten by three young girls who will no doubt be fighting over who feeds her etc. If I am honest with myself, I miss the little ball of fluff, she was quite sweet, noisy but sweet.

Anyway on to alpaca stuff. Big Jack of Spades, surely the coolest, dudiest stud male around was spitting off here yesterday and all but one of the girls didn't want anything to do with him.

Lily who wasn't keen to be covered a week ago went down like a sack of spuds this time and there was love in her eyes as she looked round at the big fellow. Now if that mating doesn't result in the most beautiful cria in the whole wide world I'm a chinaman. I'll let you know in about 11 months or so hopefully.

Columbus's one and only conquest so far is also still spitting off so at least we know he works. He ought to with nadgers like that, they are seriously big, proper big.

He has caused us some consternation recently. The idea was initially to get Jack of Spades working and then to get Columbus in a pen next to him so that he could watch the master at work and would have an idea of what to do. That worked until Columbus decided that he didn't like watching Jack messing with his girls and he turned a bit protective.
In fact he turned violent and as previously reported was banished to solitary confinement, where he remains. He still paces the fenceline, a big mass of testosterone and confusion. Bless him he's acting the part but doesn't really know what to do.
The plan now is to surround him with empty females and play an orgling CD to him which I suppose is a bit like Barry White for Alpacas. We'll get there eventually. We have to, he's got some lovely ladies waiting for him.

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I miss my Maa Maaaaa