Friday, 11 December 2009

Feed, jabs and drenches.

Today I am not starting work until 4pm so it left Sue and I to ourselves for a while. A little Christmas shopping, lunch and then some alpaca stuff. We thought the sun was going to break through but it didn't.............meanie.

Anyway the girls came up as usual for their food, slowly at the moment due to the mud on the slope, but up they came. I was a little nervous about how my arch enemy Judy was going to behave as we haven't spoken since our little 'incident' happened a couple of weeks ago. She is the white one staring at me from down the hill in the picture below. No doubt she was a whole lot more nervous about it than I was.
Bobby led the way as usual and soon they were all in and heads down. The usual screeching spitting, nudging and humming went on as Sue and I readied the medication.

We like to send the herd into the winter parasite free. We have a had some frosts now so the field should be clean so it was time to dose the herd up accordingly. Everyone received another injection of vitamin AD & E, a jab of wormer (we use Noromectin) and a drench of Vecoxan to sort out any coccidia. Everyone was very well behaved, even Judy who sort of trotted on the spot kicked me a few times but kept her greenness to herself. Marvellous. With Sue watching I would have to behave myself so it was just as well. Hopefully the herd will now spend the winter free from any parasites and will be in tip top condition come springtime.

I was also able to have a good check of everyone, noting condition scores, checking jawlines and generally having a good look for any signs of illness. All appeared in smashing condition and there are some really exciting fleeces in the herd at the moment. Millie and Penny our two brown youngsters particularly look stunning.

Here is the scrummy Penny looking cute but a little bedraggled .
Ah well off to work I must go. The hunt for Mr Bad continues.


Amiryck said...

Penny's looking good - I can see past the wetness!!

Lucy of Coire Alpacas said...

Herd looking mighty fine, and very brown and black (compared to ours!)

Sorcha Dolan Thompson said...

Penny's still very cute!