Tuesday, 8 December 2009

A mighty gathering!

If you are at all involved in the alpaca scene in the UK you may have heard a deep rumbling in the air today as three enormities of the alpaca world met at a secret location in south west Wiltshire this afternoon. The meeting, which wasn't publicised for public safety reasons due to the lack of available crowd space, began in a barn somewhere near the Dorset border deep into bandit country.
I was priviledged to attend with Sue as head of the Mighty Patou at this high powered meeting of alpaca minds. You could have cut the air with a jammy dodger as all parties arrived and we set about our work in a businesslike manner. Actually we had coffee and cake first but you know what I mean.
The meeting place was at the headquarters of Old Stour Alpacas, a name not familiar to many but surely a major force to be reckoned with in the near future. The participants were drawn together with a common bond......to talk alpaca and carry out some pregnancy scanning whilst examining a herd soon to be unleashed in the public domain.

Ivan Hayward was the host, ably supported by his second in command, Jill.
Here I am pictured with Ivan, the expression on my face, I believe, gives you an insight into the awesomeness of the occasion.

The third party was His Emminence Lord Timothy of Inca, an 'Uberpower' in the alpaca world if ever there was one. Tim was wielding the scanner whilst Rob, Inca handler for the day, held the females. I had the suitably important job of 'lubeman', vital to provide baby oil for his Timness at the beginning of every scan.

We worked like a highly oiled machine. Tim on the scanner, Rob on the alpacas, me on the baby oil (no, that doesn't sound right!?) Jill was taking the records, Sue was taking the photographs and Ivan was............ wandering about admiring his herd by the looks of it!

Here you can see the screen whilst a female is scanned, the white splodge in the middle of the black blotch is the next generation of Old Stour Alpacas, a sight to behold. I swear as each female was scanned tears were starting to form as the future of a herd became visible. All females scanned pregnant. Fantastic news!

Next the examinations began as the herd was scrutinised and appraised. Just look at the smile on the proud face of Ivan, good reason too, he has some lovely alpacas.

Next it was off down the pub for a pint and a spot of lunch.
Well even Oligarchs need refreshments!


Johan said...

nice one lubeman

Amiryck said...

Give me strength :)