Friday, 7 May 2010

The calm before the storm!

Just a quick post as I take a break from a busy day doing home stuff.
Today was herd check day and worming. All alpacas appear in marvellous good health but due to the general 'heavy pregnantness' of the herd they rounded themselves up very sedately. I had to smack a few large woolly bottoms to get them moving.

Todays award for the largest belly goes to Poppy who as you can see from the picture below is huge even though she still has a month to go! Penny and Lily are just visible behind Poppy's enormous bulk!

I weighed the utterly gorgeous Ruby May today and can report that she has put on just over a kilo in her first four days of life. Bobby must be producing some good stuff! She is pictured below having a wee, aaah bless!

We are watching Dee closely at the moment as she has hit the 333 days mark today and has 'bagged up' as Debbie puts it. She is up and down and staring into space a lot.
Dee is medium fawn and is our oldest girl at 13 years. She is the calmest alpaca in the herd and is also pregnant to the mighty Jack of Spades. Another brown girl would go down very nicely thank you!
Exciting times ahead as just behind Dee on 326 days are our black girls Bannock and the completely gorgeous Lily!


Lucy @ Coire Alpacas, Scotland said...

How exciting! Hope for some cria news soon. Wee Ruby is lovely.

Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

Glad to here Dee is bagged up nicely!

Looks like you will have a second before we haev a first arrival at this rate.

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Ruby May...looks gorgeous !...what a beautiful little girl !.......Jayne