Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Three heads and a belly.

No the title doesn't refer to a weirdly freaky cria that we have just had, in fact we haven't had any cria since Ruby May was born two weeks ago.
I was trying not to blog until we had another cria to shout about but alas we are still waiting. We are being a bit spoilt actually because the three who are due (Dee, Lily and Bannock) are still within eleven and a half months (just) so I guess like everyone else we will have to wait for nature to decide when the time is right.
I have been busy, the day job and other things have been interfering with my leadership of the mighty Patou herd and I have been missing my girls. Obviously, they don't seem to give a doodah day whether I am there or not.
Anyway I knocked off early today and nipped out to take a few pictures.

The first one is of a grazing Lily with her lovely little bump hanging low. She is at 339 days and is humming quite a bit and holding her tail out from time to time, surely getting close.

I managed to catch a shot of Ruby in a relaxed pose. She is getting more and more gorgeous by the day, biaised I may be, but it's true!

Minstrel was looking particularly windswept this evening, not the neatest little alpaca in the world, a right old scruffbag in fact!

Lastly, a bearded Samson. He is the son of Judy, who has gone to live with Julie Taylor-Browne in Cornwall. Samson seems much happier with her gone and is always in the thick of it. He is perfectly demonstrating what happens when you have a big sloppy drink and then roll in the dust bowl.
Friday I will be beside myself with excitement as Sue and I have bought a shiny green and yellow paddock tractor to get on top of things ourselves down here and I will be picking it up on Friday morning. Yes folks, a John Deere is coming to Patou (almost wet myself just writing that!)


Amiryck said...

What a lovely looking bunch! Have fun with your new toy!

Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...

I hope you are all going to be getting the JD accessories...boiler suits are a minimum requirement for any serious owner I believe

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Nice pics Mark, especially Ruby - do you have a photographers hide to sit in, or did you crawl on hands and knees?!

Mark said...

Tunnels Dave. A vast system of underground tunnels under the paddocks, painstakingly dug out by hand over the past 5 years. 121 pop up 'photo holes'.

They never see me coming.

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Lovely pictures of ALL !....gorgeous...I wonder Mark have you been up here, I have some giant mole hills that have appeared ;0) !...have you got this far !! I think Im checking this blog as much as you are your girls !!....I will try to be patient......Jayne