Monday, 5 July 2010

My quest continues!

I have set myself a little challenge down here in the wonderful world of Patou. I would like to take a photograph of all seven cria in the same shot, without attendant mums present. I am not going to round up and separate, that would be unfair and would make the challenge easy. No, I want to do it the hard way. Au naturel if you like. I have just been out for another try and failed miserably.
I briefed the herd beforehand, nothing too bossy, just a few quiet words about what I was expecting. A gentle plea for some cooperation, that was all. I might as well have been peeing into a hurricane for all the effect my 'pep' talk had. Anyway I clicked away nonetheless.
Matters weren't helped by the whole herd refusing to come out of the shade of a large Ash tree into the field which was bathed in sunshine. It may have had something to do with the marauding hooligans captured in the last picture, they're even worse at listening!

After the briefing I walked amongst them forlornly hoping for some sort of co-ordinated response to my request. Not a bit of it, all I got was a bunch of posing solo alpacas. Resilient was the first, and I do say he does pose fabulously well, he is a stand out poser if you like. He exudes pride and presence. Fantastic, the little squirt.

Next it was Runa's turn to stand frozen to the spot. I really don't think any of them listened to a word I said. She stood beautifully, ears (check out those ears folks) alert. Thanks a lot Runa.

Then it was the biggest poser of them all. Rafiki is the live wire in the herd. If something is going on he either started it or is in the thick of it until it finishes. That is unless you have a camera. If there's a camera about, he slips on his metaphorical posing pouch, oils himself up (again metaphorically speaking) and strikes a pose. Muppet!

Then it was Reeya's turn. She was almost demanding to be photographed! She has the most advanced fleece of them all in my opinion. Extraordinary, never had anything like it on the farm. I'll let her off because of that, just.

Finally I managed to get five of them in the same shot, including (far left) the tiny Rico, latest member of the herd. He has been named by Angus after a penguin in the Madagascar films. Apparently Rico is Skipper's (head penguin) right hand man and can regurgitate weaponry at will. He is described as a world famous psychopath and has a wonderful operatic voice when under stress. Who thinks this stuff up? Brilliant!

I then started to get a little help as some of them bunched up a bit with Resilient, Runa and Rafiki posing together. Rosa is in the background, she point blank refused to get involved and is in the picture 'by mistake' as she pointed out to me quite vociferously afterwards.

I then gave up and photographed the hooligan dogs, Newf and Lab in perfect harmony.


Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...

That is some challenge Mark...lovely photos none the less...first prize to Resilient for posing!

The Heys said...

Great photos, great bunch of alpacas!

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Dear Fabio, what a lovely bunch of poseurs you have, but clearly you need to work on the teamwork - that may be difficult, individually they show promise and are going to go far, and for you that's all that matters, because each will carry your (Patou)flag in turn when they get to the ring. :-)

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Nice line-up !...I can't believe just how much they have all grown !!............jayne

gary said...

I reckon there must be two brown, the rest fawn and black.

Mark said...

Mmmm, interesting point Gary. I think maybe a few more browns than two, but I think two is enough for the job in hand.
We are supremely confident.
Have you had anything reasonable at all yet?