Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Sell it to me daaaarling! Sell it to meeee!

I don't profess to be any sort of photographer but I am learning and trying to produce nice pictures, I enjoy it, especially photographing the alpacas. I have stiff opposition amongst the blogging world, notably Dave at Apple Vale and the slightly deranged Gary 'Nikon' Popham.
Anyway I was out last night looking for the 'Magnificent Seven' shot, unsuccessfully I might add and snapped a few members of the Mighty herd.

First of all, a non-member got in the way, as usual. Dilly, who is here to get pregnant and be sold is very inquisitive and as usual stuck her big nose in the way as soon as I took the lens cap off. Shortly after this photograph was taken she nudged me on the head with her nose and snorted at me. Dilly may be many things but she is not, thankfully, a spitter!

Next up is one of the matriarchs of the herd, Priscilla, mother to Bobby, Henry, Bo Jangles, Jonah and Minstrel. She is a miserable old bag most of the time, never far away from a screech or a spit but is unusually calm having her current cria Rosa around. She is lovely really and a prolific mother!

Rosa then came over and started to feed right in front of me so I snapped away, I quite like the result, nice sky.
Next is a still shot from the forthcoming spaghetti western movie 'The Magnificent Seven, Alpaca style'. Rafiki, Rosa and Ruby adopting a slightly gunslingerish pose? Or is it just me? Please also notice the cleverly positioned shadow of a bald head in the bottom right corner. Artisic that is, genius some might say. (6 cria in this shot folks, I am getting closer!)

Finally two alpacas that I just can't stop photographing, Runa and Resilient. Runa is Lily's little black girl and Resilient is Poppy's first son. Just look at the head on the little warrior! Look at it and tell me he doesn't look magnificent! Go on I dare you!

Can you see that little Patou Warrior Gary? Can you see what you're up against in the junior brown male category Gary? Tremble away my friend for the Mighty Patou herd have moved up a gear or two!


Amiryck said...

Have to agree... Resilient is magnificent!

Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...

Great photography Mark...but what's with all you males and's definitely a boy thing!

Good luck all with the challenge!

Knapper Alpakka said...

Great pictures, Mark. You should do more of this :-)

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Nice photos...he looks Mighty Magnificent !....very handsome...I do like the artistic flare..with the man-made shadow......!! Jayne

Lucy @ Coire Alpacas, Scotland said...

He's got a lovely head for sure. Nice pics!

Sandy said...

ohh they are so cute. Love your alpacas. Came over here from Terry's moon ranch.