Sunday, 18 July 2010

Ready to take on the world again!

I have been a bit glum over the past week or so and I blame it on the day job. I have been working evenings all week and Sue has been working in the mornings. Our paths crossed at breakfast time but that was it. So I think my low, 'the whole world is against me', mood is because I haven't seen enough of my lovely wife and fantastic son, Angus. Sounds like a good excuse to me, got to be worth a few brownie points?

Still that has all changed today and I feel ready to take on the world once more. No really, throw what you like at me, I'm ready, we're ready. I'm ready to punch adversity squarely on the nose. Bring it on that's what I say.

Another great source of loveliness is of course the mighty Patou herd. They are looking splendid, the cria are growing fast and the girls are one by one falling pregnant. Columbus has six already spitting off so that's good. We also have two girls mated to the mighty Jack of Spades spitting nicely so things are looking good for a close dose of birthing next summer. Excellent!

I took the above photo yesterday and I love the general brownness of it. Ok some of them may turn out to be dark fawn but that's only a nanoshade from being light brown so we can cope with that!

I have noticed recently that two of the boys seem to be joined at the hip. Almost every time I look out on the herd Rafiki and Rico are barging each other around. Rafiki weighed in at nearly 20 kilos yesterday and he's just 5 weeks old. He is our largest cria apart from the powerhouse that is Ruby May, I have stopped weighing Ruby as she nearly broke my arms the last time I hoisted her chunkiness skywards! Rafiki is heavier than Runa and Reeya who were both born two weeks before him. Rico, however, is our smallest cria, he weighs in at 10.5 kilos at 3 weeks of age having been 6.7kg at birth. You would think that Rafiki would dominate, being almost twice the weight of Rico but the little chap seems to be a master of the surprise barge from the rear. It's very amusing to watch.

Don't be put off by the weight and size differential, little Rico packs a powerful punch.

Right, to business. Tomorrow at stupid O'clock Columbus and I will set off on our first long distance mating run. We are heading east to Suffolk to the fabulously named Polipeeps Alpacas near Ipswich. David and Val Kocurek have a small herd of lovely alpacas that we sold them last year. It will be great to catch up with them.
Columbus has his work cut out as he is required to 'service' three ladies tomorrow. He's never done more than two in a day before so he will need to be well rested in between. I will be massaging his shoulders, he will no doubt have a smoke and a glass of brandy between conquests and will need some carefully chosen words of encouragement. I have faith in my boy though, he's grown into a real Macho this year and we'll be fine. He's raring to go. I'm raring to go.

The car hunt continues but the parameters have changed slightly to encompass the Newfie factor. The boot needs to be big! Beemers and Audis have been struck off the list due to being 'not Newfie friendly' and have been replaced by Volvos and Passats. The Mercedes remains my top choice and I'm sure Sue will see sense eventually!


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Looking good !..The Might Patou on the car front, hows about a Mighty Merc !! does have a certain ring to it...Im sure Sue will see sense !!....Jayne

Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...

I reckon when cria weighing becomes a strong man event then they are definitely doing okay...I've decided it's not worth putting the back out!

Columbus is looking great...a real macho.

Knapper Alpakka said...

Great looking herd, Mark. That overall brown is very nice to watch :-)
As for car, why not look at Subaru Outback? Comfortable ride, reliant, gets you anywhere with AWD. Go with diesel. That is what I would do :-)

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

That's a lovely looking bunch of entertainment Mark.

Mark said...

Jayne, I like the sound of The Mighty Merc.
Barbara, thanks for your kind words about my boy.
Rolf, thanks for the Subaru tip, but we already have the Mighty Patou Land Rover for the off road challenges. Sue needs something quiet, comfortable and smooth with buttons and stuff.
Dave, as always thanks for your comment, now get back to pushing that cruise ship, holidays depend on you!

Lucy @ Coire Alpacas, Scotland said...

brown...even the grass. and you even have brownie points...very apt.