Saturday, 4 September 2010

Best of friends?

We have a bit of a mis-match going on here in Patouland. Rafiki, who was our largest and latest cria at 10.5 kilos (baked for 362 days) and Rory born six weeks later weighing in at 8 kilos.
They are inseperable which initially we thought was quite sweet. The biggest boy and the littlest boy hanging around together, aahh bless.

However, I am now not so sure who is friends with who?

Rafiki, big lump that he is seems to spend his entire waking hours chasing little Rory around.

The trouble is when he catches him he jumps on him, how the little fellows legs don't break I don't know. The size difference is quite noticeable!

When the 'big un' is on he then proceeds to ride Rory all over the place. It's like Rory is in training for some marathon mountain running race and Rafiki is his training partner.

He doesn't seem to mind being ridden around too much, there is no spitting, a little orgling (you know the sort, a bumble bee in a jar) from Rafiki but other than that they just run around, 'together'.

Sometimes of course, Rafiki, as big as he is, doesn't always get it his own way! Well done Runa, you show him!

Right, weekend off, much to do.


Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...

Rafiki & Rory are obviously forming their own little gang "Fleece preservation society...keeping your kit on"!

They are probably having little meetings wondering if they are to join the show team soon!

James said...

Nice photos son.

Lucy @ Coire Alpacas said...

What a cheeky boy! Poor wee one. They do look rather magnificent though!