Wednesday, 15 September 2010

I have been away.

So there I was, yesterday, standing in a scout hut in Wiltshire. A video camera was pointing at me as I stood in profile. A man held a small torch above the camera. The torch threw a shadow of my head onto a white wall. Another man was doing the same as me but facing me. We were looking over each others shoulders reading drivel which had been scrawled in red ink onto flipcharts.
After that I was pretending to be a cowboy sitting in a bar as 'Clint Eastwood' walked in and shot someone in the face.
I then resumed my side onto the wall profile shot with the other fellow and read some more drivel.
A few minutes later I was running round a grassy field using ultra fast tiny steps a la Benny Hill as music played in the background.

I am still a little bit at a loss for words as to what happened yesterday. Yes, I was at work. The world is going, or more likely, has gone, bonkers. It can't just be me? Can it?

Actually I have been away from the family and the mighty Patou herd for a few days.
Last weekend I went to Snowdonia with seven good men who I was lucky enough to go to school with. We see each other as a group a couple of times a year and this was our weekend away.
The challenge was to climb Snowdon. I have done it before when I was younger and fitter. So with another previous 'summiter' I set off for a round of golf whilst the main party headed upwards into the wind and rain.
After golf we nipped up on the train to get the 'summit shot'. It was very wet and very busy up there, and we beat the main 'ascent team'. Marvellous.
Beer may have been consumed and there may have been constant childish mickey taking. It was awesome. Thanks guys.

So having been away there is much work to be done. The herd look magnificent as usual. The main shed appears to be knee deep in alpaca poop and I need to immerse myself into their world to recharge the pacabatteries. I may take photos. I'll be back.


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Blimey....if I didn't know'd think you were in Scotland.....!! I recognise that mist !!...Glad you had a 'jolly time'....enjoy your alpaca re-charge !!....Jayne

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Glad you 'let the train take the strain' Mark - you've got your head screwed on right - what a glamorous life you shoots, weekend breaks, and alpaca poo.