Thursday, 16 September 2010

There's a new Sherrif in town

Regular readers will know that our first herdsire is Cambridge Columbus, The Clumpmeister, Clump, our Clumpy.
He has his first cria on the ground this year and has done very well in stamping his colour, his fineness and his perfect conformation onto his offspring. We are very happy with what he has produced.
But Clump is a bit of a pain in the arse to be honest. He is destined to lead a life in solitary confinement as he hates other male alpacas. He is as soft as anything with humans or females or chickens but let him have sight or scent of another male and his machoness rushes to the fore and he develops murderous intentions. He has his own paddock with a six foot runway in between it and Qjori's paddock. Qjori has Crawford and Barney Rickenbacker for company and all three of them ignore Columbus. That just seems to wind him up even more! I know Columbus is just doing what his hormones and instinct tells him but it is very wearing. He has worn a trench along the fence line by running up and down shouting at the boys and I am sure one day we will just see the top of his head bobbing along as he patrols relentlessly.

Anyway, I think things are going to get even more trying for The Clumpmeister next year as Qjori, our fabulous Aussie import is starting to take an interest in the ladies.
Qjori, sporting a lovely blue coat to keep him warm after his recent shearing, has started to stand on a little mound in his paddock and watch the girls go by. He then wanders down to the dividing fenceline and winds Columbus up by completely ignoring him.

Ooh look chickens!

We have exciting times ahead next year. We have kept three girls open for Qjori and will introduce him to them in April next year. I can't wait.


Lucy @ Coire Alpacas said...

Poor old Clump! We've got one like that - Ashby. He is fine in a huge group of males but beats everyone up in a small group. Qjori looks happy!!! I am amazed he tolerates a coat though - I coated one of our yearling girls last year and she went totally mental and ripped it off.

Terry said...

Boys will be boys.
Qjori looks elegant. How do you say his name? Quarry?

Mark said...

Hi Terry,
Qjori is pronouced Corey. Some form of Spanish for gold apparently.

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

I can feel a windbreak coming on !!..not the windy sort !!..more the screening type...for Clumpy...or that trench might just get...deeper and deeper....have you thought of blinkers....(Im joking now !).......Both Macho's look the business....just hope they never meet..:-(...Jayne