Friday, 21 January 2011

Four days off!!!!

Yes, four days off and I am right up there close to complete delirium. Even the Aussies winning the one dayer this morning hasn't dampened my mood. On top of my general high spiritedness I think I've had too much coffee this morning which has made me extremely hyper. I am quite literally buzzing. I must calm down or I will be asleep by 6 and we have guests for dinner.
We are having curry which is gently simmering on the hob, it smells like an Indian restuarant in here which is fantastic!

A couple of days ago we received a parcel from far far away.
Those super fab people Bob and Diane Hey at Van Diemen Alpacas in Burnie, Tasmania had responded to a request to send Qjori's ribbons over from Australia. I was expecting to have to send them back, these things are hard won and highly cherished I know. However, Bob said that we could keep them and wished us luck with Qjori's future. How is that for customer service! I can honestly say that buying Qjori was the best decision we have made since we decided 5 years ago to take that first step into the wonderful world of alpacas. He was exactly what we were looking for and we absolutely love him, he is a super looking male with a terrific fleece and if anyone is fed up with me saying things like that about him, sorry, there's plenty more to come!

Anyway the reason for the ribbon request was so that we could take some nice publicity shots for some advertising. Not as easy as it sounds!

Sue and I spent an hour out in the sunshine with Qjori, his ribbons, the trusty Canon and a slightly gusty wind. I held Qjori, Sue took pictures, Sue held Qjori, I took pictures. Over a hundred pictures were taken, sometimes Sue was a little distracted and there were far too many shots of our rear ends (arty I was told?).

Actually we had to take one of his ribbons off as he just had too many and looked a little like he was standing behind a curtain. He was very patient and we farted around trying to get the best shot.

We are nearly there, but not quite. We will be trying again when the sun next shines, a different background maybe. We'll get there, nothing but perfection will do.
It's all down to my secret New Years resolution which was to stop saying 'Sod it, that'll do' .............................. because it just won't.


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Qjori looks great behind his curtains....of Ribbons.... and well the rear end looks swell !! to say the least...good luck with the quest for the perfect picture...its out there....patience my friend....and if at first you don't succeed...try, try again !!.....Enjoy your curry !!............Jayne

Lampwick Sidley said...

Hey there, I'm not for sure I understand the comprehension or significance of the brightly coloured scarfs. Please explain some more, as you know I found your blog in a reference link on some other sites so still learning to catch up on the details of your farming and house businesses. Reading of your artistic shots from behind remind me of the work of Severine Pichon if you like I can send you some, incidentally do you know the adventures of Hitty Prebel? a wooden doll

Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...

It is such a problem finding a photographer who can capture your rear at just the right angle...I have the same trouble!

Looking good Qjori...St Pat also has a parcel winging it's way from down under...wonder how we will get on with the photography. Enjoy your days off Mark...I expect the perfectionist in you will be getting that camera out!

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

That looks like a great way to spend a day off. We can be thankful we don't have to send 4 rolls of film off to a printer and wait 10 days for the (rubbish) prints to come back!

Jenny said...

Lovely depth of colour, obvious brightness displayed, no guard hair to show, whats not to like? Good luck explaining your 'scarves' to Mr Lampwick Sidley :-)

Lucy said...

that second shot is great... the geezer in the first has moved out the way and Qjori is showing some great movement. lol Jenny re Lampwick.

Lampwick Sidley said...

Dear Mark Steele (mac sorry got your name wrong) many thanks for your email explaining the ribbons i'm sorry i did not get it at first of all but as i said it is a new thing to me you might say a new world. completely? I did not even know that a beginner like me to alpacas is called a dullard until you explained that to me too! it seems I know so little! anyway hopefully now i am on my way to understand it some more and am pleased to be a dullard. best wishes Mac, only a joke Mark Steele!! You remind me of a famous man.