Thursday, 27 January 2011

A quick one! (oooh err missus!)

Just a quick blog today as I sit here snaffling a quick, ham, mustard and Branston pickle sandwich. Mmmmmmmmmmm!
I had to take the day off today which was just as well. Angus went a bit squiffy this morning so was kept back from school (a slow and rather miraculous recovery has taken place this morning!). On top of that the floor fitters arrived at 0930hrs to re-floor the utility room and right in the middle of that the alpaca feed arrived.

We buy an all in one alpaca feed from Mole Valley Farmers and the minimum delivery weight is a tonne (or is that a ton?), it's forty sacks, each weighing 25 kilos. Today the delivery driver said his lorry was fully laden and couldn't get up to our house. This resulted in me having to hitch up the trailer and reverse down to him waiting in the road (well it's a lane really, the super highway that is the C24!). Once there I had to load it all into the trailer and then drive back up the hill to unload it all into the shed. A very effective way of warming up in a quite brisk North Easterly wind!

This afternoon I am catching a train to London to meet up with some of my old school chums for a half a shandy or two. We have to plan this autumn's 'old school chums trip', called 'The Rat Run' (from Ratcliffe College, where we schooled). Our leader has called an emergency meeting and as such there was no way I could refuse to go. It is my duty, it is important, I would be letting everyone, including myself, down. So, ho hum I have to go and that's that. It's a bummer and all that having to drink beer all night with my oldest friends but as I have said it just has to be done. Tee hee!!!!

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Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Sounds like you deserve that odd Shandy or two..after hauling those 40 bags of feed......and no doubt the obligatory sore head !!....Jayne